My mom. But, she probably hates me. (...) Because I left, I ran away. I hated school. I hated our crappy one-stoplight town and I hated her rules. I was sick of being treated like a kid. I thought I could make it on my own, but then I met her.
— Lora tells Jack about herself.
in The Scar

Lora was a teenage girl who fell victim to a youth-stealing witch.


Tired of school and living in her one-stoplight town, Lora rebelled against her mother and ran away. Alongside two other girls named Rachel and Tally, she was taken in by a witch who was at first kind to the girls, telling them that they kept her young and giving them nice things. However, the witch eventually turned mean and locked the girls up. Starting with Rachel and continuing to Tally, they started to wither away to nothing.

The withered bodies of Rachel and Tally caught the attention of Sam Winchester's new hunter network and a hunter named Jules investigated. Jules determined that she was dealing with a witch and was able to kill the witch with a witch-killing bullet supplied to her by Sam. However, Lora began to immediately wither away which caused Jules to suspect that Laura had been hit with an aging spell by the witch.

In an effort to save Lora, Jules brought her to the Men of Letters bunker where the Seraphim Castiel attempted to heal her without success. While the Winchesters worked on another case, Castiel and Jules worked together to try to save Lora who was laid out on a bed in the infirmary while they pulled together a reversal spell suggested by Rowena. On his way out, Jack learned of the situation and sat with Lora who woke up and explained her story to him. The reversal spell failed to work on Lora who soon after began gasping for air and begged Jack to save her. However, she died despite the efforts of Jack, Castiel and Jules.

After her death, the three were devastated, particularly Jack who could've saved Lora if he'd still had his Nephilim powers. As Jack looked at Lora's sheet-covered body, he remembered her story about the witch telling the girls that they kept her young and realized the true meaning of it. Examining the witch's body, Jack explained that he had realized that the witch's words were not a metaphor and that she was literally stealing the girls' life force to keep herself young. Jack figured out that when Jules killed the witch, the magic kept working, draining Lora's life force in an effort to keep the witch young and alive. However, the fact that the bullet was still inside of her body kept the magic from working, forcing it to work harder and harder and drain more and more of Lora's life force. Jack removed the witch's amulet that held Lora's life force inside of it and smashed the amulet, returning Lora's life to her through Lora's own identical amulet, resurrecting Lora who awoke, completely restored to normal and confused by what had happened to her.

Castiel later told Jack that Jules took Lora home to her mother. Castiel used Jack's ability to save Lora's life without his powers as proof that Jack had the mind and heart of a hunter despite his current lack of ability with physical combat.



  • Laura is the second character who has been resurrected by Jack with the first being his mother Kelly Kline. However, in Laura's case, Jack didn't use his powers but instead broke the life draining magic that had killed Laura in the first place.
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