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Localization is the ability to localize the position of a being.

Characters with this ability[]

Primordial Entities[]

  • The Darkness - Amara can find any being in existence, as long as they're not warded against her.
  • God - Like Amara, God can find any being in existence, provided they are not warded against him.

Angelic Beings[]

Demonic Beings[]

  • White-eyed demons
    • Lilith - Lilith was able to localize Sam as soon as he destroyed hex bags that Ruby made to conceal their presence.
    • Alastair - He found Ruby as soon as she destroyed hex bags she had made to conceal herself from demons and angels.
  • Princes of Hell
    • Asmodeus - It seems that, by focusing on a certain presence, he's capable to find its source. He tried to find Jack in this way, though Jack managed to hide his presence. However, Asmodeus sensed Lucifer's presence, and did find him, soon after Lucifer returned from the alternate dimension. He was able to sense Gabriel after the latter was rescued from his clutches by Arthur Ketch though this took time.
    • Azazel - Localized Sam shortly before he kidnapped him.
  • Demons
    • Ruby - Localized Dean with a spell as the angels ordered him to torture Alastair.


  • Prophets
    • Donatello Redfield - After becoming a Prophet due to The Darkness' Fog, Donatello gained the ability to sense and find powerful beings. Donatello was able to locate the Darkness through a "ping" in his cerebral cortex and used the same ability to track down Jack after sensing his birth. He later used this ability to guide the Winchesters to Jack after Jack was abducted by Asmodeus He was also able to sense Asmodeus when he was in proximity to Jack.
  • Witches
  • Hunters and other non-witchly humans
    • Bobby - He once performed a spell to track Lilith's whereabouts.
    • Tara - She learned of a spell capable to find either the First Blade or its source, Cain, and performed it with the help of Dean and Crowley
    • Missouri Moseley and James Moseley - James performed a spell, taught by his psychic mother, to track his daughter when she was kidnapped by a monster.


  • Reapers - As servants of Death, Reapers are able to find any human, even if they are protected by Enochian sigils, evidenced by the fact that Castiel was unable to hide from reapers, despite his Enochian sigils.
  • Leviathans - At least in Purgatory, Leviathans seem to have the ability to sense angelic presence, of which they took advantage when Castiel was there to relentlessly pursue him.

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