A fake replica of Little Bastard

The Little Bastard is silver convertible Porsche 550, numbered 130 (VIN 550-0055). It was owned by James Dean.

History[edit | edit source]

A fan of James Dean named Cal obtains what he believes is the real Little Bastard and shows it to his best friend Jim. The two are delighted by their discovery. Shortly after showing it to Jim, Cal ends up dead from colliding headfirst with the vehicle, much to Jim's horror.

Sheriff Rick Carnegie is quick to assume Jim is the culprit and informs Sam and Dean of this. Neither of them are convinced that Jim could possibly slam Cal into a windshield with all the force of an "eighty-mile-per-hour crash."

Jim himself believes the car had murdered his best friend due to a curse. Dean believes it may actually be the curse since death was known to follow the Little Bastard before its disappearance years ago.

Sam's research confirms that this particular Little Bastard is a fake due to its previous owner having nothing to do with James Dean. Re-watching the video of Cal Hawkins' death reveals what appears to be the ghost of James Dean himself preparing to kill his own superfan.

Sam and Dean's investigation leads them to a wax museum that features the wax figures of famous people, including James Dean. The museum also owns James Dean's keychain. This leads the brothers to discover that a Leshi had assumed James Dean's form by touching the keychain and killed one of James Dean's fans as a sacrifice.

What became of the fake Little Bastard is unknown.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The real Little Bastard was owned and driven by James Dean. On September 30, 1955, James Dean fatally crashed into Donald Turnupseed's 1960 Ford Custom at the CA Rite. His death was instantaneous.
    • Dean Winchester mentions in the episode that the car's mechanic had fixed up the Little Bastard following the crash and the car repaid him by falling on him. Tony McHenry was also killed by the car along with many others until 1970, when the car vanished off the back of a truck.
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