This unnamed demon once possessed Lisa Braeden.


Season 6

After kidnapping Lisa and Ben Braeden, Crowley suspects that Dean will come to rescue them and has this demon possess Lisa as insurance in secret.

After Dean arrives and cuts them loose, the demon grabs the demon-killing knife from Dean and uses it to hold Ben hostage. The demon begins taunting Dean and Ben, telling Ben first that Dean's his father and then that Lisa doesn't actually know as she's a slut. When Dean tries to reach Ben, the demon threatens to give Ben "a free appendectomy" if he comes closer and calls Dean the second worst mistake Lisa ever made after keeping Ben. As the demon taunts Ben that Lisa is begging it to kill him, Dean draws a flask of holy water from behind his back and throws it in Lisa's face, causing the demon to release Ben. Dean struggles with the demon briefly and knocks the knife from its hand, kicking it to Ben. The demon shoves Dean away and taunts Dean to hurt it, knowing that he can't without hurting Lisa. Instead, Dean starts an exorcism, enraging the demon who tries to stop Dean by punching and then strangling him. When Dean refuses to relent, the demon grabs a tool and makes Lisa stab herself in the stomach. The demon challenges Dean to exorcise it as it will result in Lisa's death now. After a moment's hesitation, Dean completes the exorcism. Finally, the demon is exorcised from Lisa and sent back to Hell.

As the demon intended, Lisa is left mortally wounded by the injury the demon inflicted before Dean could finish exorcising it. However, Castiel, feeling bad for his part in the kidnapping, heals Lisa's wound and she survives. The incident causes Dean to have her and Ben's memory of him erased however.

Powers and Abilities

This demon appeared to be a regular low-level demon.

  • Demonic Possession - As a demon, it required a vessel to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - As a demon it would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As a demon it was invulnerable to all normal forms of harm.
  • Super Strength - The demon was strong enough to shove Dean across a room and strangle him with one hand. However, it didn't appear to be much stronger than Dean himself who was able to match it in a fight.


As a regular low-level demon, it possessed all the weaknesses of one.

  • Holy Water - As a regular low-level demon, it could be hurt by holy water as demonstrated when Dean splashed it with holy water.
  • Exorcism - As a regular low-level demon, it could be exorcised. When Dean exorcised the demon, it was caused noticeable pain as well.
  • Higher-Tier demons - As a low-level demon, it was subservient to and weaker than higher level demons such as Crowley whom it served.



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