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But I didn't expect Sam to come back. And I'm glad he's okay. I am. But the minute he walked through that door I knew it was over.

Lisa Braeden is a yoga instructor that had the "best night of her life" with Dean when they met in 1998, while he was on his own since his father and Sam were hunting a banshee. Later on, she hooked up with a scarred guy she met in a biker bar and got pregnant. She eventually had her son, Ben who bears a striking resemblance to Dean.


Season 3[]

Dean pays a visit to Lisa almost nine years later hoping to sleep with her again, making her another one of his many dying wishes, while investigating the death of a man in the area who "fell" on his power saw. She's very surprised to see Dean and he then tells her that he was passing through and couldn't resist stopping by remembering how much she loved surprises. She tells Dean that he caught her at a bad time due to the fact that she's having a party. After being invited in, Dean is surprised to figure out that the party is for her son, Ben. Noting the similarities between himself and Ben: the boy's appearance, clothing style, and seeing that he loves AC/DC, Dean asked Lisa how old he was. She answers that he's eight years old.[1]

She excuses herself to talk to one of the mothers at the party, who is also the ex-wife of the man who died. She asks the mother how she's doing. The mother says that she is fine, but worried that something is wrong with her daughter. Lisa replied that is to be expected since the girl lost her father. The mother replied that's not what she meant and that she doesn't believe the little girl in front of them is really her daughter. Lisa then tells the mother that she can't talk like that since her daughter needs her and that she'll get her help. The mother becomes upset and leaves with her daughter. Dean meets up with Lisa again telling her that he met Ben. He makes a comment about how it's interesting that Ben is turning eight and how it's been eight years since they last saw each other. She laughs and asks him if he's asking if Ben is his son. Dean denies this, but quickly asks her if Ben is. She tells him no, but Dean remains unconvinced as he watches Ben hit on a girl. Dean then asks Lisa if something is wrong with her friend, seeing the upset mother leave with her daughter. Lisa tells Dean that she recently lost her ex-husband due to power saw accident. She also reveals that there's been a lot of bad luck in her neighborhood lately too, which Dean asks about.[1]

Later on, she becomes furious at Dean for teaching Ben how to beat up a bully who stole his game. When Dean tells her to relax, she takes him aside to talk to him. She asks him why he's still even around. She lectures him saying that they had one weekend together, that he doesn't know her, and more importantly he had no business with her son. Dean tries to talk to Lisa, but she leaves with Ben and tells him to stay away from them. She is then surprised when Ben pulls away from her so he can hug Dean and thank him. The two then leave.[1]

After learning that the children of the neighborhood are being replaced changelings, Dean stops by Lisa's house realizing that she and Ben are in danger. He tells her that he feels bad about not getting Ben a gift for his birthday so he gives Lisa a credit card telling her to go on a trip with Ben. She tells him that he should leave after seeing that the credit card had a fake name on it. Ben then appears and asks Lisa to make Dean leave. She then tells Dean to leave, but he tries to stay realizing that it's too late and that Ben has been replaced with a changeling. Lisa then slams the door on Dean.[1]

Later, the changeling posing as Ben tells Lisa that he's hungry. When she goes to get him food, she sees the changeling's true form through its reflection on the coffee table. She immediately asks where Ben is. The changeling says he's Ben to which she replies that he is not her son. She then grabs car keys and runs out the front door. She soon goes back into the house as three more changelings posing as children are outside preventing her escape. When she reenters the house, the changeling posing as Ben says, "They don't want you to leave me Mommy". She then watches the changeling burst to flames after Dean and Sam torch the mother changeling.[1]

Lisa kissing Dean

The next day, Dean and Sam drive Ben back to Lisa. She hugs Dean and thanks him for what he has done and for bringing her son back to her. She then asks Dean what just happened. After Dean, Lisa, and Ben go into the house, Dean explains to Lisa about the changelings and how his job is dealing with the supernatural.

Dean then asks Lisa if she is sure that Ben is not his son. She tells him that he's off the hook, that she did a blood test when Ben was a baby. She goes on saying that Ben's father is a scarred guy she met at a biker bar. Lisa then tells Dean that he looks disappointed. Dean replies that when comparing her life as a mother to his, he can only think about the fact that the only thing he's leaving behind is his car. She tells Dean that even though Ben isn't his son, he wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him and that's a lot to leave behind in her opinion. As Dean begins to leave, he turns around and tells Lisa that she has a great kid and that he would've been proud to be his father. Lisa runs over to him and kisses him. She then invites him to stay a couple more days, but he reluctantly refuses and says that her life isn't his and then leaves.[1]

Lisa appeared as a dream of Dean's, where she had set up a picnic and apparently they were married due to her saying that they had an hour till they had to pick up Ben from baseball. She then told Dean that she loved him before disappearing.[2]

Season 5[]

After Dean has lost faith in him and Sam being able to kill Lucifer on their own and killed the Whore of Babylon, which proves that he is a true servant of Heaven, he drives off in the Impala leaving behind Sam and Castiel with a plan to say "yes" to Michael. He drives to Lisa's new home and pays her a visit. Lisa is again very shocked to see Dean. Dean asks how Ben is. She says he's fine and away at baseball. She then asks him if he's alright. Dean tells her no and goes on about how he's realistic about the type of life he has and how it will end and that he's okay with that. He then tells Lisa that when he pictures himself happy he's with her and Ben.

She invites him inside for a beer, but Dean tells her he can't and to take care of herself as he turns around to leave. Lisa stops him and tells him that he can't just leave after saying that. He says he knows that, but he doesn't have a choice. Dean goes on telling her that things are about to get bad. She asks if he means his kind of "bad" to which Dean replies worst and that the next few days will be scary. He goes on telling her not to worry because he's making arrangements for her and Ben. Lisa confused by what he's saying asks him what he's talking about. Dean explains that the "people" he's seeing aren't going to get anything from him unless they agree to his conditions. Lisa again tells Dean to come inside and not to do whatever he's thinking about doing. He sadly says he has to do it. She then asks him to stay at least an hour so he can say goodbye to Ben. He replies that it's better if he doesn't and then kisses her on the cheek before he leaves.[3]

Lisa comforts Dean after he loses both his brothers to stop the Apocalypse.

While driving to Detroit to confront Lucifer, Sam makes Dean promise to not try to release him from Lucifer's Cage after they trap Lucifer. He also makes Dean promise to live a normal "apple pie" life with Lisa. At the end of the episode, Dean makes good on his promise and drives to Lisa's. When Lisa opens the door and sees Dean, she says, "Thank God. Are you alright?". Dean says yea and asks her if it's not too late could he take her up on that beer. She tells him it's never too late and allows him in. As Dean walks in, he begins to break down and starts to cry. Lisa tries to comfort him by embracing him and telling him that everything will be alright. Later, she is seen having dinner with Dean and Ben.[4]

Season 6[]

Lisa is discovered lying on the bed with a fully-awaken Dean, and finds him awake with a grieving expression. She tries to comfort Dean. She assures him if he's okay. Later, she finds him up late talking on the phone with the police about a missing person but he lies and says that it is Sid setting up a poker game. Lisa hides her curiosity with a smile and goes upstairs while Dean promises to come to bed soon.[5]

Lisa and Ben come to Bobby's house.

The next day, Lisa finds Dean again in the garage after he encountered sulfur by the neighbor's house which made him run into the garage to get his guns or whatnot. She finds it hard to believe him when he insists that nothing is going on. She asks anxiously if he's hunting something but he says that he got worked up over nothing. Dean then suggests Lisa and Ben to go to the movies to make sure he got the area 'sweeped' up. Lisa agrees and kisses him, leaving Dean in the garage.[5]

Lisa then enters the house with Ben and Dean hugs both of them thankfully. Lisa then encounters Sam in the shadows and is shocked to see him alive. Dean escorts Lisa and Ben to Bobby's house, knowing it'd be safer there. After the long frustrating conversation between Sam, Dean and Bobby, Lisa comes downstairs and bumps into Dean. Dean assures that Lisa and Ben would be taken care of by Bobby as he tells Lisa that he'd be heading out with Sam for a long time. Lisa is upset and disappointed by Dean's decision as he sits down next to her on the stairs. She informs Dean that he was a good parent to Ben and that year that they spent together as a family was the best year of her life. Dean later returns to Lisa and Ben.[5]

They later move to another house. Lisa gets annoyed with Dean on how protective he's being and gets further annoyed when Dean tries to keep them in the house. She later confronts Dean about yelling at Ben. Dean tells her he only wants them to be safe. When Dean returns from the hunt with Sam, Lisa tells Dean he can't stay with them. As Dean was leaving, she told him that he can come back when he can.[6] Dean later dreams about her.[7]

Lisa wakes up to a vampire Dean over her. She gets worried about Dean when he begins thanking her and Ben for all they have done, but he keeps her away from him for her safety. She refuses to back down and moves towards Dean, only to be shoved against a wall by him. He then quickly leaves and accidentally shoves Ben which makes Lisa angry.[8]

Lisa calls Dean about the fact that he shoved Ben. Dean tries to end the call because he is working but Lisa makes him stay on the line. Lisa tells Dean that he has so many things bottled up and that his relationship with Sam isn't healthy. She also adds that she knew their relationship was over the moment Sam walked back into his life. Dean is surprised she said all this. Dean tries to explain his relationship with Sam, but Lisa cuts him off and tells him that she can't be in his life.[9]


Lisa begins to date again. She is very surprised to see Dean again but lets him in. After an awkward moment, the two begin to talk. Dean asks Lisa to ask for something, but she replies she wants nothing. Lisa tells Dean she wants him but she can't have him. Lisa adds that she is trying to be okay, but every time he shows up he destroys that. She is trying to get over him, but what does Dean want?[10]

Lisa is sitting at home with Dr. Matt, her new boyfriend, watching the game on TV. Then all of the sudden two demons break into her house, and kill her boyfriend. She screams and is captured herself by Crowley's minions. She and Ben are moved to an abandoned building, and tied up. After kidnapping her, Crowley secretly has Lisa possessed by a demon.[11]

Dean rushes Lisa to the hospital.

When Dean arrives to rescue, Lisa and Ben, the demon reveals itself to be possessing Lisa and holds Ben hostage, taunting both him and Dean. Dean eventually splashes holy water in Lisa's face, forcing the demon to let go. In the struggle that follows, Dean knocks the knife out of the demon's hand, but is unable to harm the demon without harming Lisa. Instead, Dean performs an exorcism on Lisa to get the demon out of her. In order to stop Dean from exorcising her, the demon stabs Lisa in the stomach with a tool, leaving Lisa mortally wounded. As a result, if Dean completes the exorcism, Lisa will die. After a moment of hesitation, Dean exorcises the demon out of Lisa and with Ben and Sam's help, rushes her to the nearest hospital.[11]

Unfortunately, Lisa won't survive the night due to her injuries. Dean is by her bedside when Castiel shows up, and heals her. Lisa is no longer in danger now. Dean asks Castiel for one more thing: Erase Lisa's memory of him.[11]

When Lisa awakes, she doesn't remember how she got there, and Ben tells her that they were in a car crash, but they're going to be fine. Lisa soon meets Dean, and asks who he is. Dean tells her that he is the guy who hit them, and tells them he's sorry. Dean walks away from Lisa.[11]

Later, Sam expresses his displeasure at Dean's choice to have Lisa and Ben's memories erased. Dean, clearly upset, threatens to break his nose if Sam mentions them again.[11]


Lisa is shown to be a deeply caring mother in her first appearance. She becomes angry and defensive whenever Dean makes Ben unhappy, showing that Lisa puts her son's happiness before her own.

Another notable trait is her feelings for Dean. Lisa enjoyed their weekend so much that Dean is remembered by the local neighbors as "best night of my life Dean". It is safe to say that out of every one of Lisa's lovers, Dean is and has always been her favorite. Lisa struggles visibly each time the two are forced to part ways, and Lisa struggles even more when Dean comes back afterwards, showing a desire to have him completely or never see him again.

Upon discovering Dean's life as a hunter, Lisa comes to understand what Dean does everyday yet she realizes that the two cannot be together as long as Dean's chooses hunting. The inability to live a normal life while hunting is a fact even Sam and Dean must acknowledge.

What separates Lisa from many of Dean's known lovers is a gentle and loving side which she displays whenever Dean is in need of comfort. She never prods him for answers and is generally patient with Dean. A good example is when Dean moves in to live with her and Lisa embraces him, and doesn't ask where he went or why he's sad.

Lisa's relationship with Dean ends when Crowley targets her, forcing Dean to remove himself from her life permanently. It is safe to say that the two loved each other deeply up to that point. It is unknown how Lisa is doing nowadays.



  • Lisa bears some similarities to another girl Dean was romantically interested in: Andrea Barr, who appeared in "Dead In The Water". Like Andrea, Lisa was a young single mother whose son bonded with Dean and needed to be rescued from that episode's antagonist.
  • Lisa has a sister whom she is fairly close to. Dean mentions that she also has a baby niece whom he has helped care for (possibly the child of said sister).
  • Lisa can be seen as a parallel to Jessica Moore, Sam's girlfriend. Both women were separated from their respective Winchester due to Dean and Sam's connection to hunting and the supernatural, despite Dean and Sam wanting to live with them in peace.
    • Furthermore, both women represented the times when Dean and Sam attempted to have an "apple pie life" and escape the hunting world.

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