Lindsey was Angela Mason's roommate.


Lindsey was a friend of Angela and a roommate to her. However, she was also sleeping with Angela's boyfriend, Matt Harrison behind Angela's back.

One day, Angela walked in and saw them in bed together. This led Angela to run off, and ultimately meet her end.

While investigating the case, Dean came to her house. Lindsey told Dean how a great roommate Angela was.

After the zombified Angela killed Matt, she came after Lindsey. Lindsey was looking at a photo of Matt. When she heard a noise, she went to check it out and looked outside, but saw nothing. Upon turning around Angela appeared and grabbed her. Lindsey tried to escape, and was chased by Angela.
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Lindsey thinking she killed Angela

They fought. Lindsey kicked Angela in the leg, knocking her ont othe floor and causing the scissors she was carrying to imapale her in the chest. Lindsey then flipped over Angela's body and started to freak out. She thought she had killed her. This proved not to be the case. Before she could run away, Angela grabbed her hair and pulled the scissors and prepared to stab her. Right before she could, Sam and Dean shot her in the back and then in the head.

Angela flees through the window, so Dean gives chase. Lindsey is last seen while Sam checks on her, asking if she was okay.

Angela trying to kill Lindsey


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