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Linda Deetz is a single mom and a resident of Clayton Falls, Colorado appearing in Supernatural: Night Terror.


Linda had a son named Trevor with a man who became a deadbeat father. Linda eventually divorced the man and moved to Clayton Falls, Colorado. After her deadbeat ex kept calling, Linda changed her phone number and left it unlisted so that her ex could not call her ever again.

In 2011, when Trevor was fourteen, Linda forbade him from seeing zombie movies as she saw them as too violent and gory. However, while Linda closely monitored her son's movie consumption, she did not monitor what he read and as such missed her son reading gory graphic novels such as Hitler's Zombie Force.

During the third night of the night hag's rampage in Clayton Falls, she fed on Trevor in order to create manifestations of Nazi zombies. The night hag's feeding off of Trevor caused the power to go out in Linda's house, though she was unsurprised because of the strong storms that the town had been experiencing. While surprised that Trevor never came down, Linda figured that he was simply sleeping and decided to enjoy a drink instead of waking him as it was one less thing for her to worry about.

By the time that Linda finished her drink, she thought she heard banging from upstairs and got worried when Trevor failed to respond when Linda called out to him. Terrified that she was being targeted for a home invasion or worse, Linda attempted to call for help but found all of the phones dead, even her cell phone. With no phone and Trevor possibly in danger, Linda grabbed a cast-iron skillet to use as a weapon and snuck upstairs to save her son from what she suspected was an intruder that was likely stronger than her and better armed.

Entering Trevor's room, Linda found the night hag feeding off of her son. Screaming at the night hag to leave Trevor alone, Linda hit her with the skillet. To Linda's surprise, the blow hit something softer than she expected as the night hag was made out of shadows. However, the night hag was vulnerable to iron while she was feeding so Linda's attack hurt her and disrupted the night hag's feeding off of Trevor. After glaring at Linda for a moment, the night hag departed. With the night hag gone, Linda awoke a confused Trevor and was shocked to discover that the night hag's attack had left two grey streaks in her son's hair.

With the power back on, Linda was contacted by Officer Richard Jefferies who was asked by the Winchesters to contact Linda once they realized that her son was the source of the Nazi zombies. Linda reported to Jeffries that she had chased an intruder out of her son's room by hitting the intruder with a skillet. However, Linda was a bit hysterical and had a hard time giving Jefferies any usable information.


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