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Linda Bloome was the realtor for the Oasis Plains development. She was killed by spiders while in her shower.


Sam and Dean Winchester first met Linda at the Pike residence, where she assumed they were a couple and pitched them about living in the community. As Dean took a tour of the house with Larry Pike, Sam was stuck listening to Linda talk outside. While Linda continued talking, Sam noticed a tarantula crawling towards her hand, which was resting on a table. A few feet away, Larry's son, Matthew Pike, was watching excitedly, until Sam pushed Linda out of the way and picked up the spider and brought it over to Matt.

Later that night, Linda entered her bedroom, turning on the light. She turned on the television and took her hair out of the bun and prepared to take a shower. While she was washing her hair, a very big spider crawled out from behind the shower head. In a matter of seconds, hundreds of enormous spiders began crawling out from the tiles. Linda opened her eyes and screamed.

She was later shown lying dead with several small spiders running across her body.