I was always under the impression that it was a parent's job to let a child be a child as long as possible.
— Linda Berman

Linda Berman is the mother of Maddie Berman.


Linda and her husband prepare dinner and call for Maddie to join them. Since Maddie is busy having a tea party with her "imaginary friend" Sparkle, she tells them to wait. Linda's husband is unhappy with allowing Maddie to have a fake tea party, but Linda encourages him to listen to the RIE manual.

Maddie eventually joins them for dinner, and once they're finished, Linda instructs her daughter to go brush her teeth. Maddie goes upstairs to find Sparkle dead. Maddie immediately calls the police.

Sam and Dean Winchester, disguised as trauma counselors with child services, visit the house. Linda explains to them that her daughter thinks her made-up unicorn man is dead. She leads Sam and Dean to Maddie's room and admits that maybe it was wrong to let her child's imagination get carried away.

Linda unknowingly gets her hands covered in Sparkle's blood, causing Sully to panic. To calm him down, Sam and Dean encourage Linda's whole family to take a hot shower and a deep scrub. Believing this will bring her daughter back, Linda is convinced.



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