We are in the furthest reaches of Hell — Limbo — where I send unruly souls for time-outs.
in O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Hell Limbo

The entrance to Limbo.

Limbo is the furthest part of Hell, where the most unruly of souls are placed by the Ruler of Hell. This realm is completely engulfed with countless thunderstorms in the midst of darkness and void, adorned by countless scattered skeletons. Crowley claimed that despite its lack of aesthetics, it more than makes up for that in security. Lucifer's cage is in this region of Hell, hanging by hooks and chains in a vast space. There are other cages and contraptions on the surface. In one of these cages, Sam Winchester, Crowley, and Rowena performed a ritual to project Lucifer from the Cage, into this one.



  • Ironically (in Supernatural at least), Limbo is the deepest part of Hell, whereas in most folklore, it is described as the first part of Hell.
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