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Lily Baker was one of the Special Children that was fed demon blood by Azazel. She was abducted the same night as other special children. She was also the first of the last collective of special children to die in the competition. She was the only one who tried to escape. Her death was orchestrated by Ava Wilson.


Season 2[]

Lily accompanied by Jake Talley

Lily was born in 1983 in San Diego. Her powers began manifesting in the year 2006 at age 22. Her primary power was the ability to stop a person's heart with one touch. Unfortunately, she accidentally killed her girlfriend with her powers. As a result, Lily tried to isolate herself from the world, barely leaving her house as a means of not coming into contact with others and unintentionally killing them.

Lily and Andy watching Sam save Jake from the Acheri

Like other Special Children, Lily was transported to Cold Oak, South Dakota. She was discovered by Jake Talley, who accompanied her over to Sam Winchester, Andy Gallagher and Ava Wilson. Sam tells her that a demon brought her here, but like Jake and Ava, Lily chooses not to believe it until she - along with Andy, Sam and Ava - witness the Acheri demon attack Jake.

Lily found hung to death by a demon that Ava summoned

Lily followed them until they got to a bar. When they went inside she tried to escape. She went into the woods when no one was looking. While she was trying to escape she kept hearing noises everywhere. She was then attacked and grabbed by the Acheri that attacked Jake. It hung her to death on the town wind mill.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Tactile Necrokinesis (possibly a form of Biokinesis) - Through touch, Lily could stop a person's heart, effectively killing them. She had accidentally used this power on her girlfriend.



  • Lily had an expanded role in Supernatural: The Animation. The episode "Darkness Calling" revolves around John Winchester and her father trying to protect her from the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Her last name was revealed to be Baker.
  • Lily was shown to be dead, hanging from a windmill in the TV series, while in the anime she was pinned to the bottom of a bus.
  • Lily once had a girlfriend, making her LGBT.
    • She was also the first LGBT character to appear on the series.
  • Her actress, Jessica Harmon, also plays Olivia Camrose in season 9 episode Dog Dean Afternoon.


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