This... thing isn't just a leash, it's a siphon. (...) It means that all the ghosts and all the demons, I'm gonna suck them all right back into me. (...) I'll be a god.

Lilith's Crook was a weapon capable of corralling flocks of souls into itself like shepherds used to gather sheep.

History[edit | edit source]

Belphegor: When Lilith began sending demons off to Earth to do her bidding, there was a little problem. (...) There was no guarantee that once her minions were topside, that they wouldn't just take advantage of the situation. She needed to control her flock, so--
Sam: So... she created the Crook.

At some point, the Crook was created by Lilith to control the denizens of Hell in the event that they ever got out of her control. According to the demon Belphegor, she never used it, but it was enough that they knew she could. Lilith locked the Crook in a box in her chamber that was sealed with an Enochian song of praise to Lucifer, a language that only she knew in Hell. Following her death, Lilith's Chamber remained sealed and inaccessible.

In 2019, Belphegor suggested using the Crook to draw all the souls of Hell back in in order to stop the Ghostpocalypse. As God opened every door in Hell, this included Lilith's Chamber. By the time Belphegor and Castiel arrived, the chamber had already been looted by demons, including Malfayan, but the Crook remained since the box was protected by a spell. Castiel reluctantly opened the box, only to have Ardat attack and reveal Belphegor's true intention to use the Crook to become the new King of Hell.

Belphegor subsequently revealed that the Crook was not a leash but a siphon. The demon wanted to use the power all of the souls to become a god or something "close enough." Belphegor blew the horn, drawing all of the souls of Hell in and creating a high wind in the process. Fighting through the gust, Castiel tackled the demon to the ground, ending the Crook's effects before all of the souls were sucked in. Castiel smote Belphegor which charred Jack's body and destroyed the Crook.

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