Last I heard, it was in Lilith's Chamber, which has been sealed for ages.
Belphegor tells the Winchesters about the location of Lilith's Crook.
in The Rupture

Lilith's Chamber is the personal chamber of the white-eyed demon Lilith in Hell.


Lilith used the room as her personal chamber in Hell, storing all of her treasures inside including the Haxon Ring and Lilith's Crook. At some point, presumably before she left for Earth, Lilith sealed the chamber to all access, something that remained in effect following Lilith's death.

In 2019, God threw open all of the doors in Hell which included those of Lucifer's Cage and Lilith's Chamber. With the souls and demons of Hell loose upon the Earth, the demon Belphegor suggests to the Winchesters, Castiel and Rowena MacLeod that they retrieve the Crook from Lilith's Chamber and use it to suck all of the souls and demons back while Rowena uses the Sanetur Acre Vulnus spell to seal the Rupture to Hell.

At Belphegor's insistence, Castiel joins the demon in journeying through the rupture into Hell where they find clattering coming from the chamber. Inside is the demon Malfayan who has been taking the opportunity to raid the chamber for Lilith's treasures, including the Haxon Ring. After confirming that Malfayan doesn't have the Crook, Castiel kills the demon and notices that other demons appear to have raided the chamber for its treasures too. However, the Crook is in a box sealed with a prayer in Enochian to Lucifer, a language that only Lilith knew. Castiel opens the box, but he and Belphegor are attacked by Ardat who reveals that Belphegor intends to seize power in Hell for himself. Belphegor kills Ardat and telekinetically throws Castiel out of the chamber before revealing that Ardat was telling the truth.

Standing in the middle of the chamber, Belphegor begins using the Crook to draw all of the souls and demons of Hell back, planning to use the Crook to absorb them into himself in order to gain unlimited power. Castiel manages to reenter the chamber and knock Belphegor to the ground, stopping the return of souls to Hell. Castiel smites Belphegor, killing the demon but burning Jack's body into a charred skeleton and destroying the Crook at the same time. Castiel flees Hell through the closing rupture shortly thereafter, leaving Jack's charred corpse on the floor of Lilith's Chamber.

After traveling into Hell to speak with Michael, the Winchesters arrive near the corridor leading to Lilith's Chamber. In the corridor, they have a brawl with several demons before Rowena MacLeod, now the new Queen of Hell, interrupts.


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