Libby is a waitress at Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie in Wichita Kansas.

Season 7

Libby tries to do her best at work, causing her to neglect Tyler though she tries to make it up to him. When she's late for work, she forces her son to take the bus but gives him a few coins and tells him to be good.

Tyler also hangs around at Libby's workplace. She likes to serve him pizza even though it tastes horrible. Dean encourages Tyler to be nicer on his hard-working mother. When a drawing goes missing, Tyler throws a tantrum which annoys Libby. Due to Dean's advice, Tyler calms down and he returns home with his mother.

However, Dean suspects that Libby might be the next target of a drawing come to life. Tyler had been drawing robots earlier, so Sam is sent to keep an eye on her.


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