Lia was a witch whose youth depended upon the powers and poker skills of her companion Patrick, and his ability to persuade people to gamble with their lives.


After Bobby lost twenty-five years of his life to Patrick in a barroom poker game, Dean returned to the bar in search of Patrick and found him working a hustle on a couple that Lia appeared to be half of. After Dean accepted a second game in which he got back Bobby's lost years back but lost 50 of his own, he and Sam broke into Patrick's apartment to steal the mysterious poker chips they believed were the key to reversing Dean's condition. When they were caught in the act by Lia, Dean immediately recognized her as "the chick from the bar". She asserted that she was much more than that, and demonstrated by telekinetically assaulting them. She only released her hold on them when Patrick appeared and stopped her, assuring her that they were harmless.

Later, Lia appeared in the boys' motel room and handed Bobby and Dean a piece of paper that she described as "the most powerful reversal spell you've ever laid your eyes on." She told them that it would erase all of Patrick's work by returning all of the survivors, including her and Patrick, back to normal. Bobby and Dean didn't understand why she would sneak them information that would kill her; she clutched the locket around her neck and said that she had her reasons.

Dean and Bobby prepared to cast the spell, but needed Patrick's DNA as a main ingredient. Sam took on another poker game with Patrick, with an eye on swiping the toothpick he habitually chewed on while playing. Patrick became aware of their ruse, however, and furiously started to use his power to choke Sam, as punishment for cheating. Lia stopped him from killing Sam by confessing that she had provided the boys with the reversal spell. Stunned and saddened, Patrick forced Sam to finish the game with the knowledge that Dean had only minutes to live. Sam went "all in" to force the end of the game. When it came to the point that it appeared Patrick had won, Sam noticed Lia's tears and voiced that it was "actually kind of creepy" that a witch could be so nice. But then, Sam revealed his winning hand. Dean was released from a would-have-been-been-fatal attack, and was restored to normal.


Distraught by Lia's actions, Patrick expressed to her that he thought she loved him. She assured him that she did, but had long ago buried her daughter, whose picture she carried in her locket, and was tired. Patrick reluctantly dealt the cards at her insistence, and she lost the game. Patrick wept as he watched her lose all of her years.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - Lia was immune to aging and death by old age, as her boyfriend Patrick used a spell to prolong her life through poker. After losing the game willingly she began to lose all of her years and died of old age. 
  • Magic - Lia was a highly skilled witch, able to use magic to age or restore youth to others through a game of poker.
    • Telekinesis - Lia used telekinesis to restain both Sam and Bobby by choking them. 


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