Letitia di Albioni is a renowned powerful Milanese witch. She was Rowena's mentor.


Around 300 – 400 years ago, when Rowena was pursued by an unknown party in a witch hunt in the past, she fled from her home and left her child, Crowley, in a squalid workhouse. During the same time period, she got a chance to learn under Letitia's tutelage. Rowena later fled to Milan, Italy to meet her and avoid the witch hunt.

It's unknown about her fate, is she still alive or not as she never appeared onscreen, but in "The Hunter Games", her name was mentioned by Rowena.


Not much is known about her personality. However, Rowena stated that "it was no environment for a child", and considered her very unfriendly with children.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Although her powers and abilities are unknown, she was hinted at being very powerful, since even Rowena gave high respect to her and called her "The great Milanese witch".


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