This unnamed woman was an actress.


The Leticia Gore actress was a Hooter's waitress from Toledo, and was one of the many people in attendance at the first annual "Supernatural" convention. At the convention, she was apparently hired to act as the ghost of Leticia Gore during its scheduled "hunt".

She met Dean at the hotel bar and was hit on by him but she rebuffed him as another one of the fans LARPing. She soon notices he was different from the others and flirted with before he had to leave.

Mistakenly believing the accepted story that Leticia had murdered and scalped her own son and also killed three other little boys, Sam and Dean burned Leticia's bones before they discovered that her spirit had actually been keeping the three evil orphan spirits from doing harm. The Winchesters then needed the actress to distract the orphan spirits by commanding their attention as Leticia would have, so that they could get to their bones and destroy them.

The actress was afraid to do it and tried to back out, but Dean guaranteed her safety. She succeeded in getting the spirits to do as she told them, by scolding them and calling them "very naughty". However, just as the spirits' death hold on the exits of the hotel started to dissipate, the actress' "Ring-a-Ling" cellphone ringtone sounded and the ghosts became confused, then angry. Dean stepped in and told her to run, and his struggle with the spirits ensued, with Sam joining in after the exit doors slammed shut again. Eventually, convention attendees Barnes and Demian were able to get to the bones and burn them, and the evil spirits were destroyed. After the incident, the actress was not seen again.


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