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Lester Finch was one of Famine's victims.


Lester was a resident of Plainville and one of a dozen or so people who suffered strange deaths. Sam Winchester, under the guise of an FBI agent, came to St. James Medical Center to hear about weird deaths.

Dr. F. Corman presented Lester's body to Sam. According to Lester's records, he used to weigh 400 pounds, before he got a gastric bypass, causing him to lose a considerable amount of weight. All of a sudden, Lester went on a twinkie binge.

He was said t ohave "blew out the band" around his stomach, and filled it up until "it burst". Once Lester could no longer swallow, he started jamming the cakes down his gullet with a toilet brush, as if he was "ramrodding a cannon," according to Corman.

While Corman found Lester's actions very peculiar, Sam was able to find out through Castiel that Lester had fallen under the influence of Famine, driving him mad with a hunger for what he loved eating most.

Lester's soul was soon collected by Famine's Soul Carrier. Sam intercepted the demon and stole the briefcase carrying the soul. Lester's soul was apparently set freed when Sam and Dean opened the briefcase.