Leonard Frankle was the father of aspiring witch, Gary Frankle.

Season 5 Edit

Leonard Frankle and his wife called the local police when their son Gary failed to return home when expected. That evening, Sam woke up in a wooded area wearing a fast-food restaurant uniform after having been tranquilized via dart. As he walked down the road still dazed, he was picked up by a policeman who referred to him as Gary and transported him to the Frankles' home. Mrs. Frankle ran out of the house and hugged Sam, thanking God that he was all right. Confused, Sam asked who she was. Mr. Frankle immediately became angry and demanded to know if he was drunk. Sam then caught his reflection in the police cruiser's window and discovered that he was not himself.

The next morning, after discovering that Gary was dabbling in the dark arts by going through his things, Sam decided to answer Mrs. Frankle's call to breakfast. Mr. Frankle, still freshly angry about his son's antics, asked him to explain how getting drunk fit in with the plan of him getting a full ride into M. I. T. and becoming an engineer. Preoccupied with his predicament, Sam reactively blurted out "Listen, buddy. No offense, but at the moment, I could give a rat's ass about your plan."

The family's stunned reaction reminded Sam that to all observers, he was a teenager that had just smart-mouthed his dad. He quickly tried to adjust his delivery and queried the family as to whether he'd been moody lately, or seemed interested in the occult. Gary's sister Sydney gawked at him in disbelief. Sam was able to ascertain from Mrs. Frankle that Gary had an ear for languages, including Latin, and that he was allergic to wheat gluten, which to Sam's dismay, was evidenced later when his new body tried to digest his morning toast. When Sam inquired if any neighborhood animals had recently disappeared, Mr. Frankle asked him point blank if he was "smoking drugs."


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