Leo was the Head Chef and owner of Avante-Garde Cuisine, and also a shaman.


He was diagnosed with Stage IV carcinoma, and was way past the point of conventional treatment, until he met a Pawnee shaman who showed him a cure through the use of shamanism.

The spells he used, caused him to take on the physical characteristics of the animals whose organs he consumed. However, the effects were only temporary, which resulted in his experimentation in "combination therapy," which made him stronger and caused the effects to last longer.

He was confronted by Sam and Dean Winchester. He swiped at Sam and caused him to bleed at the neck. Gadreel, then known as Ezekiel, momentarily took over Sam and healed him. Leo was intrigued by Sam's ability and wanted to eat him and cure his cancer. He overpowered Dean and bound him. He reveals that he didn't intend to kill any people, but killed those who went against him. Dean escaped and again tried to engage him. Being unsuccessful, he lured him outside where a pack of dogs killed him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Shamanism - Through Shamanism, he was able to take specific traits from animals, by consuming parts of them and then reciting a spell. Each power only lasted temporarily, but he could make it last longer by mixing different parts of the animal. It had the added side effect of giving him certain animal traits and physical attributes, such as a snake's tongue.
    • Super Strength - He possessed the strength of a bear, as well as a python, sufficient to crush every bone in a grown man's body with his bare hands.
    • Super Speed - He possessed the speed of a cheetah, sufficient to cover short distances instantaneously.
    • Venom Excretion - He could spew cobra venom from his mouth, causing necrosis on anyone it touched, it is not permanent however and the person will recover in a few days.
    • Enhanced Jaws - He could expand his mouth and throat to swallow animals whole, such as cats.
    • Claws - He could grow cat-like claws from his fingernails strong enough to easily slit a person's throat.
    • Fangs - Able to gain wolf fangs.
    • Enhanced Reflexes - Fast enough to dodge a bullet.
    • Chameleon Camouflage - Able to blend into his backgrounds like a chameleon.
    • Super Senses - Able to smell that Dean had smelled like a dog due to his spell to communicate with animals.

Equipment Edit


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