Lenore's nest was a nest of "vegetarian" vampires led by Lenore.


At some point the nest settled in Red Lodge, Montana where they fed upon cattle instead of humans despite it being disgusting to them. The vampires were able to blend in well enough that at least Eli and Conrad got regular jobs.

At some point, hunter Gordon Walker became aware of the nest. Even aware of the nest's "vegetarian" nature, the obsessed Gordon came after the vampires to wipe them out. Gordon killed Christina Flanagan and another vampire. Their deaths were reported as murders which, along with the cattle mutilations, drew the suspicions of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. To their surprise, the Winchesters learned that the victims were vampires from Christina's fangs. The Winchesters helped Gordon kill Conrad, but while Dean and Gordon celebrated, Sam was captured by Lenore and Eli. Lenore told Sam the truth about her nest and let him go, causing Sam to begin to believe her. Lenore was eventually captured and tortured by Gordon while packing up the nest's belongings but was found and rescued by the Winchesters. After Lenore resisted the compulsion of human blood in front of the Winchesters, even after Gordon dripped Sam's blood over her face, the Winchesters restrained Gordon and helped Lenore and her nest escape.

Years later, the Winchesters had their angel friend Castiel locate Lenore in hopes of using her connection to Eve to locate and kill her. Lenore reveals that under Eve's influence, her nest went back to feeding on humans. After feeding on a sixteen-year-old girl, Lenore had locked herself in a basement until Castiel found her. After giving the Winchesters Eve's location, Lenore was mercy killed by Castiel at her own request.

Following the deaths of Lenore and Eve, it is unknown what happened to the rest of the nest.

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