I wasn't kidding about Arizona. What that thing did to that family, those kids, it stuck in my head. If evil like that exists in the world, then guys like you and me, we ain't ever gonna win. The best we can do is have a little fun. (...) Dean, you and I both know no one's innocent. After everything we've done, aren't -- aren't we owed a little happiness, huh? Don't we deserve that much? (...) Good or bad... the world doesn't care.
— Lee explains his actions to Dean.
in Last Call

Lee Webb was a former hunter and friend of Dean Winchester.


When he was young, Lee was close friends with Dean Winchester and hunted with both Dean and his father John Winchester for a long time. Lee and Dean shared a love for music and often drove John crazy with their antics, including drinking while on a hunt. While Sam was at Stanford, Lee and Dean worked a case together in Arizona involving a cult and a monster of some sort that did something terrible to a family. Dean and Lee subsequently didn't see each other again for around a decade and a half and Lee was unaware of John's death a couple of years later.

After the case in Arizona, the horror he witnessed stuck in Lee's head and he changed and developed a bleak outlook on the fight between good and evil, believing it to be a pointless fight and the best they could do was to have some fun and that he was owed some happiness after everything that he had been through. Lee did a final hunt in the Texhoma, Texas area where he hunted a Marid. Aware of the Marid's ability to give riches, health and everything a person could dream of in exchange for being fed, Lee captured the creature instead of killing it and began feeding it the blood of innocent people he kidnapped, drained and then hid their cars in a nearby junkyard. From the money he got, Lee opened Swayze's Bar in Texhoma and became the lead singer in a band that played at his bar.

In 2019, Lee abducted and fed local Angela Sullivan to the Marid, managing to kidnap Angela and move her car before her friend Sally Anderson could turn around from throwing up. Sally became convinced that her friend had been Raptured and was featured in a new story about her claims. Looking for a case, Dean found the news story and came to Texhoma where he was directed to Swayze's Bar in search of Sally. To Dean's surprise, he was reunited with Lee and the two reminisced on old times and caught up. Lee was saddened to learn of John's death, but highly amused when he heard of Dean's experience with Ghost Sickness and secretly unhappy when Dean revealed that he was investigating Angela's disappearance. Lee managed to convince Dean to sing a duet with him of the Theme from The Dukes of Hazzard, a song that John had introduced to the two as real music.

After their duet, Lee and Dean noticed two men harassing a girl in the bar and agreed to deal with it "roadhouse rules." When the men refused to stop, Dean and Lee physically threw them from the bar. Later, Lee worked on covering up the window broken in the scuffle while Dean questioned the girl who was Angela's friend Sally. Lee kept interjecting into Sally's story, pointing out that "you can't Rapture a car" when Dean questioned the car's disappearance. Lee pointed out that Sally's story didn't make sense, but despite Lee's attempts to get Dean off the case, Dean recognized that something really was wrong with Angela's disappearance. Lee offered to close the bar and work the case with Dean like old times which Dean was pleased with. Lee suggested the lake as a place to dump a car in an attempt to misdirect Dean, but Lorna suggested the junkyard instead which Dean decided was a better choice than the lake and ordered Lee to search the lake while he checked out the junkyard. The next day, at the junkyard, Dean found Angela's car with the body in the trunk and was ambushed by Lee who predicted Dean's discovery and knocked him unconscious.

Hooking Dean up to his blood draining contraption, Lee explained his actions to Dean who was disgusted by Lee sacrificing innocent lives to get what he wanted and playing God. Lee claimed that no one cared about good or evil and began draining Dean's blood when Dean insisted that he cared. Lee reassured Dean that while it would take awhile to drain him, Dean would pass out after he lost a couple of pints. Lee remorsefully told Dean that this wasn't how he wanted things to go, but he should've known it would when Sally came to the bar the night before because of Dean's refusal to stop which would expose him. Before leaving, Lee stated that "if it's gotta be you or me, well I gotta pick me man."

As Lee cleaned up around the bar, he noticed growling noises coming from the basement and became alarmed, drawing his gun as footsteps approached. Dean, who had escaped and killed the Marid, tossed the creature's severed head into the bar. Enraged, Lee fired at Dean who ducked behind the bar and returned fire with the shotgun hidden there. However, both men quickly exhausted their ammunition and disarmed. Lee insisted that he was the same as Dean, but had woken up and recognized that the world was broken. Dean insisted that when that happened, you fought for the world, not gave up.

Lee attempted to convince Dean to leave and act like the whole thing never happened, but Dean refused, even though he didn't want to hurt Lee. However, Dean felt that Lee was a monster and thus it was his duty as a hunter to kill Lee. Lee and Dean engaged in a fight across the bar, breaking several pieces of furniture with Lee going so far as to break a beer bottle against Dean's head and hit him with a pool cue, breaking it. Dean eventually managed to pin Lee against a wall and impale Lee in the abdomen with the broken pool cue, mortally wounding him. Lee questioned why Dean cared so much and Dean told him that it was "because someone has to." Lee stated that he was glad it was Dean and after asking Dean to wait for a moment, signaled him to pull out the pool cue. When Dean removed the cue, Lee fell to the ground and died.


You don't, Dean? I am you. I'm just you that woke up and saw that the world was broken.

When Lee was younger, he was a dedicated hunter who fought the evils of the world and was good at it. He was close friends with Dean and John Winchester and even shared many personality traits with Dean. However, Lee was changed by a hunt where he witnessed the brutal deaths of a family, particularly kids, something that would haunt him for years to come.

After the hunt, Lee became convinced that the world was broken and no one cared about good or evil. As a result, Lee felt that he deserved to just enjoy his life and that he was owed that after everything he did. Lee developed an the ends justify the means mentality, willing to sacrifice innocent people to get what he wanted and believed that no one was innocent.

Lee considered Dean Winchester a close friend, even calling him "brother" a few times and felt that he was simply Dean who had woken up and recognized that the world was broken. When Dean arrived trying to solve the disappearance of Angela Sullivan, Lee tried to misdirect and trick him, recognizing that if Dean learned the truth about Angela's death, he would discover Lee's secret and try to stop him. When Dean did find out the truth, Lee attempted to feed him to the Marid, feeling that it was either him or Dean. Despite his, Lee showed some remorse for his actions towards Dean. Dean in turn saw Lee as a monster that was no longer his friend. Though Lee wanted Dean to leave following the death of the Marid, Dean stated that Lee was a monster and it was his duty as a hunter to stop him. After Dean mortally wounded Lee, Lee stated that he was glad it was Dean to kill him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though a regular human, Lee gained extraordinary skills over his years of hunting.

  • Expert Hunting Skills - Lee was an expert hunter, noted for his skills by both Dean and John Winchester.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant - John Winchester considered Lee the best fighter he'd ever seen which was high praise from John. He was able to compete against Dean, blocking and landing several blows as well as breaking out of Dean's grip, before eventually being defeated by him.



  • Though an exact time is never given for the beginning of Lee's actions, it started soon after Dean last saw him which was while Sam was at Stanford. As a result, Lee was feeding people to the Marid for around fifteen years.
  • Lee quips to Dean that "you can't just sit around lip-synching Eye of the Tiger when no one's watching." This is a reference to the outtake from Yellow Fever where Jensen Ackles lip-synches Eye of the Tiger.
  • Christian Kane also played Lindsey McDonald, a villain who sometimes allies with the protagonists in the TV series Angel, a spinoff of Buffy the Vampire Slayer which began the "monster of the week" genre.
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