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Lee Chambers was a hunter who raised his daughter, Krissy Chambers, in the hunter lifestyle.


Lee got into the hunter lifestyle after his wife was torn apart and killed by an unnamed creature. Following his wife's death, he went into the hunter lifestyle and raised his daughter Krissy in the lifestyle as well. Sometime over the years he met Bobby Singer, and got Bobby's number. One night Lee goes to hunt a Vetala, but is overwhelmed and captured. He is fed upon by them, and is later joined by Sam who was retracing Lee's steps. Lee is saved by Dean and Krissy and is brought to the hospital. Sam and Dean speak to him before they leave. Lee then thanks them for saving his life, but Dean retorted that it was Krissy who saved them.[1]

It is revealed that Victor sent a vampire named Seth to hunt and kill Lee Chambers, as part of a plot to train Krissy so she could become among the first of a "new breed" of hunters.[2]