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Lee Bender was one of Pa Bender's sons and participated in their cannibalistic hunting activities.


Lee with Jared release Alvin Jenkins from his cage, and proceed to hunt him in the woods. They are quickly able to catch up to him, where Lee wounds Alvin by stabbing him in the leg. However the Benders decide to toy with Alvin for a bit, and allow him to get up and continue trying to escape, when Alvin trips over a wire, they quickly arrive and finally kill him.

When Deputy Kathleen Hudak arrives at the Bender farm, she is knocked out by Pa Bender, who has Missy tell Jared and Lee to fetch the deputy's car. When Dean Winchester arrives at the Bender, Missy quickly alerts the rest of the family, and fight ensues between Dean and the Bender brothers, ending with Pa Bender knocking Dean out with a frying pan.

Lee and Jared beg Pa to let them hunt Dean, as they think he would make a good hunt. Pa then orders Lee to go out and shoot Sam Winchester and Deputy Hudak in their cages, however Lee is beaten unconscious when Sam is able to escape from the cage. He is later locked inside a cage by Sam and presumably taken into custody at the end of the episode.



  • Actor Shawn Reis also played the tall deputy in Faith.