The last hunt I did, the one right around here, I found something. It's called a Marid. It's a freaky-looking little thing isn't it? As long as you feed it, it gives you money, it gives you health, it gives you everything you ever dreamed of.

This unnamed marid was a Marid captured by former hunter Lee Webb and used to gain riches and health.


On his last hunt near Texhoma, Texas, hunter Lee Webb found and captured this Marid. Having uncovered its abilities, Lee decided to feed it in order to gain the riches and health it granted. Lee fed the Marid, held captive in a cage in the basement of his bar, undetected for around fifteen years, kidnapping innocent people and using a device to drain their blood from their bodies and feed it through the window of the Marid's cage to the creature.

In 2019, Lee kidnapped and fed Angela Sullivan to the Marid. However, Angela's friend Sally Anderson noticed Angela's disappearance and the disappearance of her car and became convinced that her friend had been Raptured. Hunter Dean Winchester, an old friend of Lee's, noticed the article and decided to investigate. Dean eventually located Angela's car and body and was captured by Lee who explained his history with the creature. Since Dean had stumbled upon his secret, Lee began draining Dean's blood for the Marid to feed on.

As the Marid began to feed on his blood from the tube, Dean managed to break free of the chair he was tied to and remove the tube. Enraged by its interrupted feeding, the Marid broke through the metal door of its cage and attacked Dean. After a fight, Dean decapitated the Marid with a saw from the tools in the basement and tossed its head into the bar and sarcastically told Lee he was sorry about his friend.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Reality Warping - In exchange for being fed, the Marid was able to give out riches, health and anything that Lee Webb asked of it.
  • Super Strength - When angered, the Marid was able to break through a sturdy metal door.




  • A Marid's ability to grant riches and health in exchange for being fed is similar to the deity Moloch from The Memory Remains.
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