Lee is a janitor and secretly the son of Randy Baxter.


Lee was conceived through an affair between Randy Baxter and Lee's mother who was Baxter's secretary. The affair ended badly and Lee's mother made Baxter promise never to tell Lee that he was his father. As a result, Lee grew up never knowing who his father really was.

In his late teens to early twenties, Lee got a job as a janitor at his father's microbrewery. Lee proved to be something of a slacker, often showing up late to work. As a result, he was often in trouble with Baxter who, despite being "the axe man," gave Lee a break each time. When the Winchesters arrived to help Garth investigate the murders of Trevor and Ray McAnn, they witnessed Baxter give Lee a dressing-down for the third time and move him to the night shift as a result.

Later, while preparing to go after the Shōjō killing people, Garth's interest was drawn by Baxter's lax attitude towards Lee and did some research into the young man, ultimately realizing that Lee was Baxter's son. Garth got Baxter to admit it and guessed that Lee might be the Shōjō's next target instead of Marie McAnn as was previously believed and warned Dean.

As Lee cleaned the windows of the brewery, he was unaware of the Shōjō outside preparing to attack him. By the time Garth arrived, he was heavily intoxicated and Lee simply thought he was crazy, though Lee was shocked by Garth's revelation that Randy Baxter was his father. Lee witnessed the Shōjō attack Garth and was subsequently protected by an intoxicated Sam before Sam too was knocked out. Lee witnessed the fight between Dean and the Shōjō, ducking on Dean's order when the Shōjō appeared behind Lee, allowing Dean to kill the creature with a katana.

In the aftermath of the fight, Lee led Sam to a recovering Garth who had spent the entire fight unconscious.


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