Lebanon is a town in Smith County, Kansas. As of 2017, the town's population was 269.[1] It is currently the most recurring location in the series, appearing in 110 episodes as of the season 14 mid-season finale,[2] It is home to the Men of Letters bunker, where Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mary Winchester, Castiel, and Jack Kline currently live.

Trivia Edit

  • Lebanon is one of many cities in Kansas appearing throughout the series since Pilot, giving the state the status of being the most recurring location in the series.
  • Lebanon is also one of many real-life cities in Kansas appearing thoughout the show, the others being Lawrence, Wichita, Junction City, Dodge City, and Conway Springs.
    • A number of fictional Kansas locations appear as well, these being Bootbock, Stockville, and Haleyville.
  • The 13th episode of season 14 and 300th episode of the series, titled Lebanon, is the first episode of the show dedicated to showing life outside of the Winchesters in a town.



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