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Lebanon is the 13th episode of Season 14. It aired on February 7, 2019.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean look to occult lore for a solution to their latest problem, but instead of a resolution, they find much more than either of them had anticipated.


Sam nearly killed by Terry.

Sam and Dean enter a pawn shop searching for the skull of Sarah Good, a witch killed during the Salem Witch Trials. The boys then accuse the shopkeeper of killing another hunter and when the latter tries to kill Sam, he is shot by Dean. They then end up packing up the huge collection of objects and take them to Lebanon.

In Lebanon, a group of kids run into Sam and Dean outside a bar. Max, one of the kids, tries to impress her crush by stealing the Impala which contains all of the enchanted objects and drives it to a nearby cabin.

At the bar, Sam discovers a mythical pearl that makes your heart's wishes come true. After realizing that their car is missing, Sam and Dean track down the party with all the objects. At the party, the ghost of John Wayne Gacy aka the Killer Clown is released from his cigar box and scares one of the teenagers. Luckily, the group of teenagers are saved by Sam and Dean who crash the party and get rid of the ghost but this is witnessed by the teens. The brothers explained the events to the shocked teens and the supernatural before having them keep the secret. The teens now understand what the brothers do and feeling guilty for their actions on letting the ghost loose, agree to the promise.

John and Mary are reunited

Back at the bunker, Dean uses the ancient Chinese treasure to make a wish but is surprised when both him and Sam are attacked by John Winchester who they apparently summoned from the year 2003. After talking to Sam and Dean, John is pleased by their actions over the years before he is happily reunited with Mary Winchester. Sam and John then have a heart-to-heart conversation where Sam breaks down and tells John that he loves him, something he never got to say earlier.

When they go into town, the Winchesters realize that nobody in town recognizes them, a fact that they find incredibly weird. They then run into a wanted poster of Dean and a video of an incredibly successful Sam lawyer who runs his own law firm. The boys then realize that it's a temporal paradox where the hunters versions of Sam and Dean would eventually become the ones in the wanted poster and the video.

Zachariah and Castiel then appear on Earth, angry about the fact that somebody's been messing with time. After facing off against Sam and Dean, Zachariah ends up dead and Castiel is expelled using the sigil.

Winchester family dinner.

Dean tells John about the temporal paradox and that without the events that transpired, including the release of Amara, Mary would eventually just fade away. John agrees to go back to 2003 to save Mary and his kids and after a heart-to-heart with Dean, the entire family enjoy one last meal together.

While cleaning dishes, Dean explains the repercussions of sending John to change the past because he says he's too old to know who the other Dean is. As Sam prepares to destroy the pearl, John and Mary share one last kiss and hold hands as John tells his boys to take care of each other and that he's very proud of them. Sam crushes the pearl and John goes back to 2003.

Sam and Dean part with their father

The boys share an emotional moment with their mom, now outside of the temporal paradox. They reunite with Castiel, ignorant of the paradox, who calmly asks "What happened?" Things have returned to normal in Lebanon as the teens remember Sam and Dean, the wanted posters of Dean have disappeared, and the destruction caused by the angels has been erased.

John wakes up in his car in 2003, as he is called by the Dean of that year and tells him about his dream. He tells Dean that he'll be back and hangs up. John briefly reflects on his "dream" before cracking a smile at the events.


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  • Skylar Radzion as Max
  • Zenia Marshall as Stacy
  • Cory Gruter-Andrew as Eliot
  • Donny Lucas as Terry
  • Eric Bempong as Ethan
  • Ayzee as Bea
  • Chris Nowland as John Wayne Gacy
  • Catherine Barroll as Marta
  • Rose Ranger as Caitlin
  • Seth Whittaker as Cook

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  • This is the 300th episode of Supernatural.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns to reprise his role as John Winchester for the first time since All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2.
  • Kurt Fuller returns to reprise his role as Zachariah for the first time since Point of No Return. Both episodes feature the Winchesters killing Zachariah.
  • This is the second milestone episode to feature Castiel and Zachariah with Point of No Return, the 100th episode, being the first one.
  • There is a one month hiatus after this episode.
  • When Sam and Dean summoned John Winchester from 2003, the timeline changed. In this timeline:
    • Sam Winchester is internet famous for his TED Talks, runs his own law firm and loves kale. He states that he has no time for family, suggesting that this version of Sam never married Jessica Moore despite Dean never dragging him back into hunting.
    • Dean Winchester is still a hunter but is wanted by the law for assault, murder and credit card fraud. He also has a lot of decapitations on his record.
    • Castiel is back to being an unquestioning, loyal soldier to Heaven. He wears his original trench coat and uses Jimmy Novak as a vessel despite not needing to possess Jimmy in 2008 to safely communicate with Dean.
    • Zachariah was still alive before being killed by Sam.
    • Mary Winchester is still dead as the war with the Darkness never happened in the alternate timeline.
  • Mary Winchester and John Winchester are reunited for the first time since Mary's death.
    • This was about 35 and a half years, but about 20 years from John's perspective, and only about 2 and a half years from Mary's.
  • Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester are reunited with their father after 12 years.
  • This is the first time in the series that the entire Winchester Family are seen together.
  • This is the first time the Men of Letters bunker turn on its red lights since Bring 'em Back Alive.
  • Zachariah refers to Castiel as Constantine, a reference to John Constantine from DC Comics/Vertigo. The trench coat Castiel wears is based on the signature one worn by Constantine.
  • Sam and Dean go by the names Sam and Dean Campbell in Lebanon, Kansas. They are well-known in the town and appear to have become something of an urban legend to the local kids who have noticed their strange behaviors and the times a living being has been transported in the trunk of the Impala.
  • John Winchester is shown to still own the Impala in 2003. It has the original license plate and the side spotlights that have been missing since Dream A Little Dream Of Me.
  • The Impala is stolen and taken on a joyride again. It was previously stolen in Baby but returned before Sam and Dean knew that the car was gone.
  • Dean's mugshot in the alternate timeline is the same one that was taken in Folsom Prison Blues.
  • A version of Zachariah is killed for the third time in the Supernatural franchise. He was originally killed by Dean in Point of No Return, his alternate reality counterpart was killed by Jack in Good Intentions and his alternate timeline self was killed by Sam in this episode.
  • Zachariah's death in the alternate timeline mirrors his death in Point of No Return: in both cases he taunts the Winchesters and makes the mistake of getting into their faces in the process, putting Zachariah within their striking range.
  • Sam and Dean are shown to now carry angel blades in sheaths on their belts.
  • A version of Castiel is once again banished by the Winchesters.
  • The Castiel of the alternate timeline is wearing his original trench coat which hasn't been seen since I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here.
  • Sam and Dean fight the ghost of famous serial killer John Wayne Gacy, better known as the "Killer Clown." This deeply amuses Dean as it combines Sam's love for serial killers with his hatred of clowns.
  • John Wayne Gacy is the second famous serial killer that the Winchesters have faced off against as a ghost. They previously fought the ghost of Henry H. Holmes in No Exit. In real life, Gacy's body was cremated which is why Sam burning his cigar box could destroy Gacy's ghost.
  • John Wayne Gacy was previously referenced in Season 2's Simon Said. After seeing Andrew Gallagher's van, Dean comments "not exactly a serial killer's lair, though. There's no... clown paintings on the walls, or scissors stuck in victims' photos. I like the tiger." Dean mentioning clown paintings is a reference to Gacy who was known to paint portraits of his alter ego "Pogo the Clown" while incarcerated.
  • Amongst the occult items in the pawn shop is a Hand of Glory. The Winchesters previously hunted for a Hand of Glory with Bela Talbot in Red Sky at Morning to get rid of the Sailor's Ghost.
  • This is the first time since Metatron imparted knowledge to Castiel that the latter said his catchphrase "I don't understand that reference." This is because the alternate timeline Castiel never got that knowledge.
  • As pointed out by Dean, John Wayne Gacy is a combination of Sam's favorite and most hated things: serial killers and clowns.
  • Sam has trouble igniting his Zippo lighter when trying to get rid of John Wayne Gacy. Dean previously had trouble in The Mentalists when trying to get rid of the ghost of Kate Fox. In The Real Ghostbusters, Demian comments on how they usually don't have that kind of trouble while struggling to light his own Zippo to get rid of the Ghost Orphans.
  • John finally learns the truth of his father's circumstances but doesn't remember it as time was unwound by the destruction of the pearl.
    • However, it was implied that he remembered everything.
  • In a deleted scene, Sam confronts Max about stealing the Impala. Max explains that she's an Army brat who moves around a lot with her father currently stationed at Fort Riley and her aunt living in Lebanon. Sam, due to his own experiences, is shown to sympathize with Max's inability to make lasting friends or a girlfriend because of her moving around so much. Max would inquire if they're cool only to be met by Dean, who on the other hand is less understanding and threatens to break Max's thumbs if she ever touches the Impala again.

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  • Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Till It Shines


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  • Hungarian: Lebanon


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