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Latika Dar is a main character in The Winchesters portrayed by Nida Khurshid. Latika is "fiercely intelligent and braver than she believes," "a young hunter-in-training whose research and problem-solving skills help her face her fears in battling dark forces."[1]



Latika is a kind, caring, and selfless person who always seeks to help her friends no matter the consequences. She desires so desperately to prove herself as a worthy hunter to Mary, and will not let her fear of the supernatural world get in the way of that. She is also very friendly to fellow hunter in training John Winchester, and had developed an attraction to him the moment they met, although she quickly moves on as John and Mary fall in love with each other.

It's later revealed that Lata has a violent past driven by the abuse she had suffered at the hands of her war-traumatized father. However, the losses that she has suffered has made Lata suppress her temper and embrace pacifism, something that she uses to help the vengeful spirit of Mac move on. When cornered by Joan Hopkins, Lata briefly lets go of her pacifism to attack the Akrida Queen with a silver knife, wounding her for a moment.

Physical Appearance[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Lata has shown somewhat of an aptitude for magic, mostly through training from Tony Monroe.

  • Magical Hypnosis - Taught by Tony Monroe, a djinn, Lata is capable of magically hypnotizing people to help them better access their memories as she did for Rockin' Roxy. This involved painting symbols on the inside of the target's arms.
  • Magical Memory Erasure - Using a spell taught to her by Tony Monroe, a djinn, Lata is capable of erasing people's memories, as she offered to do for Rockin' Roxy. This is part of a two-step process that involves first magically hypnotizing the target and making them relive the memories Lata wants to erase. However, Lata's never performed the erasure half of the spell because Roxie decided she wanted to keep her memories.
  • Soul Restoration - After Ada sacrificed a part of her soul to save Lata from Akrida possession using the magic crystal Rowena gave her, Lata helped Ada track down a spell that would, over time, restore her soul.
  • Moderate Hunting Skills - Although an expert researcher, Lata's other hunting skills are mostly moderate due to her pacifism and preference for staying on the sidelines.



  • Mary Campbell: Lata and Mary have been friends for a long time. Lata was there when Mary lost her cousin Maggie, and was there for her when she needed it. The two have grown into each other’s sister figures.
  • John Winchester: When John first came along, Lata was instantly attracted to the young soldier. Throughout the time John spent hunting with the others, Lata and John would become good friends. They also often talk and share secrets. Nothing romantic ever comes of their relationship as John quickly falls in love with Mary and Lata moves on to Tony Monroe.
  • Tony Monroe: Lata and Tony grew an attraction to each other before Tony left Kansas. The two promised to keep in touch, and it is later revealed that Tony had been visiting Lata in her dreams to educate her about magic, and while in her dreams the two have also been having sex.
  • Her Parents: Lata has an extremely complicated relationship with her parents, starting when her father became abusive upon his return from war. After her parents caused the death of someone that Lata greatly cares about, she cut off all contact with them and lies to her friends that her parents are dead as it's easier than admitting the truth about what they did. In You're Lost Little Girl, their relationship is so estranged that Lata is reluctant to call her father for information on Bori Baba and isn't even sure that he'll be willing to take her call. However, when she makes the call, Lata's father answers and gives her the information that she needs and he even appears to ask after her welfare, but Lata just tells him to tell her mother that she's safe.



  • The character was announced to be named Latika Desai,[1] but was changed to Latika Dar.[2]
  • Lata's Akrida anti-possession tattoo was on her right collar bone like Samuel's, but Joan Hopkins, the Akrida Queen, burned it off, allowing an Akrida to possess Lata.
  • Her first name is pronounced differently in the trailer than it is in the series with the trailer depicting her introduction to John by Mary.




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