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Last Holiday is the 14th episode of Season 15. It aired on October 8, 2020 on The CW.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean discover a wood nymph (guest star Meagan Fey) living in the bunker who is determined to protect her family, at any cost.


In the bunker, Sam is going through the lore when he hears a clanking noise. The clanking noise continues, and Dean comes in and says that he hears the clanking as well. He's wearing an apron, and says that he keeps trying to make burgers, but the pilot light and the hot water keeps going out. Sam says that Jack hasn't come out of his room and Castiel is looking for Amara.

The circulation fans stop, and Sam and Dean go to the basement to fix them. They find the grid-control center thing, but neither brother knows how to run it. Dean hits the reset and standby buttons, and the electricity shuts down. When Dean turns it on, the power starts back up and he heads to the kitchen and makes burgers. There's a woman there, and she cheerfully greets Dean as she folds his underwear.

Dean calls to Sam, and the woman, Mrs. Butters, looks around and complains about the filth. Sam comes in and Butters introduces herself and says that she's a wood nymph. Butters explains that she lives in the bunker and was a helper to the Men of Letters, taking care of the cleaning and cooking. She talks affectionately of her "family", and Dean says that she can leave. Butters is shocked at the thought, saying that the bunker is her home, and thinks that it's still 1958. Dean tells her that it's 2020, and Butters wonders where the rest of the Men of Letters are. He says that the rest of them are dead after Abaddon killed all of them, and Butters breaks into tears.


Butters stayed behind to the guard the bunker, but the Men never returned. To keep the bunker safe, Butters placed herself and the bunker in "standby mode".


The monster radar's alarm going off.

When Dean hit the standby button, he "reactivated" Butters. She wants to make them a home cooked meal, celebrate a holiday, and wash their clothes. The Men used her magic to boost the bunker's power, and with a snap of her fingers Butters powers up the bunker to full strength. A "monster radar" goes off, showing a nest of vampires 50 miles away. Butters tells them that if they hurry, they can clean out the nest and be back for supper.

Once Butters leaves, Sam wonders how they can trust Butters. Dean figures that Butters is harmless, and figures that if the nest is there and then Butters is telling the truth. If she isn't, then they'll deal with it.

Dean checks on Jack's door and tells them that he and Sam are heading out, but there's a guest there and she's probably harmless, but Jack should watch himself. Jack perks up when Dean says that Butters is making snickerdoodles.

As Sam and Dean drive away, Sam wonders if it's a good idea having Butters around given all the issues they're having with Chuck, Amara, and Jack. Dean figures that Jack needs some time and space, and Sam hopes that his brother is right.

Butters knocks on Jack's door and calls through the door that she made him a sandwich. Jack doesn't answers and Butters leaves it on the floor outside of the door.

The vampires are living in an old barn watching an episode of 'Dark Shadows', Sam and Dean break in and quickly decapitate them. The brothers return to the bunker and find the place decorated for Christmas. Butters comes out and wishes the Winchesters a Merry Christmas, and shows off the cookies she made. They go to the kitchen, and Butters tells Sam not to be so dour. Jack hesitantly comes in, and Butters wonders what he is. Dean comes in wearing a night shirt that Butters got him as a gift, and Butters figures Jack is okay if the Winchesters vouch for him. Butters gives Jack a smoothie, and insists that Dean have tomato juice because she's worried about his cholesterol.

Sam using the Mjölnir on a hunt while Dean uses his Grenade Launcher

The alarm on the monster radar goes off, and the brothers run to their rooms, dress for the field, and Butters gives them sack lunches. She says that she's already identified the alert as a lamia and has put blessed knives in the Impala trunk, and tells Sam to tell Dean to take it easy. Sam tells Jack that they've got it and leaves, and Butters wonders what she'll do with Jack.

Butters put Jack to work washing dishes, and Jack tells her that he's the son of Lucifer. Jack talks about his "family", (Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Mary) and Jack finally says that Mary was a good friend. He says that he killed Mary by accident, and Butters tells him that they all do things they're not proud of... but life gives them second chances and it's their obligation to hold onto them. Butters then offers Jack another smoothie.

The Winchesters keep busy dealing with monsters on the monster radar, with Butters providing holiday meals and sack lunches. They celebrate Sam's birthday, and Butters makes Rice Krispy treats for Dean. Jack eventually finds Butters going through the Men files, and startles her when he calls to her. He asks her if she could make him another smoothie, and Butters readily agrees. Once she leaves, Jack goes through the files, and finds a classified envelope with a movie reel in it.

Jack plays the movie on an old projector, and on the film Cuthbert Sinclair says that they recovered a wood nymph from the Thule's laboratory. The nymph, named Butters, destroyed 200 men before she was restrained. Sinclair says that wood nymphs react strongly when home or family are threatened. The Man says that Butters has agreed to join the Men for safety and security. Sinclair unhoods a captive Thule soldier who is no longer of use after interrogation. Butters is there, and rips the head off of the Thule man before offering tea and cookies.

When Jack goes to find Sam and Dean, Butters finds him first and says that Sam will be back with a big date. Sam comes in wearing a new suit for his date with Eileen, and Butters assures him that he looks dashing. Dean joins them, and Butters gives Sam the keys for one of the old cars in the garage and a bouquet of flowers. Before leaving, Butters says that she fixed a broken TV in the "Dean Cave".

Jack follows Butters and says that he saw the film and he knows what she is. Butters asks how it made him feel, and figures that Jack relished the Thule's pain. Jack denies it, and figures Butters was testing him to see if he's bloodthirsty. He says that he isn't, but Butters insists that he is. Butters says that the Winchesters should be scared of Jack, and Jack has hurt them before. She suggests that Sam and Dean keep Jack there because they are scared Jack will do to someone else what Jack did to their mother.

Butters telekinetically throws Jack around the room, and says that she's protecting her family like she's always done. When Jack tries to use his powers, they don't work and Butters says that she's been tainting his smoothies. She shackles him, says that she's making the bunker safe and getting rid of all of the monsters, and walks out of the room where she's trapped Jack.

Butters telekinetically knocks Sam's gun out of his hands and sticks him in a chair

Later, Dean goes to the kitchen and finds Butters waiting with a grilled cheese sandwich. As he eats, Butters tells Dean that he'll need his strength up so he can go kill Jack. She explains that Jack is trapped, and Sam and Dean don't need to be trapped as she offers Dean an Archangel Blade. Dean curses, takes the blade, and figures that Butters has ruined everything by revealing her true colors. Butters insists that Jack is a monster, and killed Mary. Dean looks at the sandwich, then tells Butters that they'll let Jack go and forget it ever happened.

Butters throws Dean in with Jack, figuring that Jack has infected Dean. She locks them both in and leaves.

Sam returns from his date and Butters is waiting. He asks where Dean and Jack are, and Butters tells him that that she has good news and bad news. Butters says that Jack has taken over Dean's mind and they're ready to be killed by her and Sam. Sam plays along and goes to his room to get his gun, and says that together they can get to the killing together. As Sam goes, Butters asks how the date was.

Dean knocks Jack through the door with the magical release of energy generated from the Archangel Blade

Once Sam is on her room, Dean calls Sam on his cellphone. He suggests that they shoot Butters, but admits that he doesn't know if that will kill her. Neither Winchester has checked out Butters' vulnerability, and Dean suggests that Sam hit "standby" on the controls and put Butters back into suspended animation.

Once Dean hangs up, he tells Jack not to use his powers to break the manacles because that would alert Chuck. Dean tells him to just stop, and Jack asks if Dean thinks he's a monster. The Winchester tells him that what Jack did isn't easy to forget, and he might still be angry. However, he's not going to let an evil wood nymph take Jack out.

Mrs. Butters breaks free and her glowing green eyes are shown

Sam advances through the bunker, calling to Butters. She finds him and asks why he's taking so long, then stops Sam as he tries to shoot her. Butters says that she's disappointed, and telekinetically knocks the gun out of his hand and sticks him in a chair. She tells Sam that keeping the Men safe is the most worthwhile explanation in the world, thanks to Sinclair's explanation. Butters says that she's going to help Sam understand the way Cuthbert helped her.

Dean tries to break Jack's manacles with the archangel blade, and the magical release of energy knocks Jack across the room without breaking the manacles. Jack wonders about Sam, and Dean figures that Sam isn't coming. He sees the bookcase that shattered when Jack slammed into it, and gets an idea.

Sam insists that Jack is just a kid, but Butters says that she can smell the blood on Jack's hand. She telekinetically uses pain to start ripping out Sam's fingernails to "teach him".

Dean "aims" Jack so that the backlash knocks him through the door.

Butters continues pulling Sam's fingernails out, and tells Sam that the sooner he accepts that Jack is a monster, the sooner they can be done.

Mrs. Butters heals Sam's hand

Dean and Jack go to the basement, and Dean hits the standby button with a hammer. They then go up to the main room where Sam is, confirm that Butters is gone, and start releasing Sam.

In the basement, Butters manages to break free and goes upstairs. She confronts the trio and telekinetically throws them across the room, and says that she's not going to fail. Butters rants about how she is going to stop Jack from hurting the Winchesters. Sam tells her that if she hurts Jack, she hurts them because they care about her. He says that Cuthbert lied to her, and tortured her. Dean says that Jack can save the world, and that's what the Men's mission is. Jack looks at Butters, who breaks into tears. Butters powers up the bunker and says that she misses the Men she served.

The interdimensional geoscope

Later, Butters heals Sam's hands and apologizes for everything. Jack tells her that it's okay, and Sam figures that she just wants to go back home. She says that she would love to see the woods again, and Jack smiles and they soon send her off. Butters warns that without her magic, the bunker will revert to standby mode again. Jack gives her a photo of the Men, and Butters take it's, smiling. Before she goes, Butters tells Dean to eat his vegetables, Sam should cut his hair, and Jack should go save the world.

The nymph teleports away and the bunker reverts to standby mode. Later, Jack tells Sam that he's supposed to kill Chuck but Butters got him because he was stupid. He wonders if he can really kill Chuck, and Sam tells him that he's the only one who can.

Dean serves a happy birthday cake for Jack, one that he made himself... not particularly well. He lights the candles, and Sam tells Jack to make a wish. Jack does so and blows out the candle.[1]


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  • This episode marks the first appearance of a wood nymph.
  • In August 2020, WarnerMedia renamed Warner Bros. Television into Warner Bros. Television Studios. This is the first episode that shows the new Warner Bros. Television Studios logo since 2020. Warner Bros. Television Studios was opened for the 2020-21 television season.
  • This is the fourth episode of the series that features Halloween. The other three such episodes are Pilot, It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester and Mint Condition.
  • This marks the first time we see Dean and Jack celebrate Thanksgiving, but this is the second time we see Sam celebrate Thanksgiving with Dark Side of the Moon being the first time.
  • This is the second Christmas episode where Sam's fingernails are pulled out. The first such episode was A Very Supernatural Christmas.
    • In both cases, his nails were pulled out by female magical creatures.
  • This marks the second time in the series that the characters celebrated Independence Day on screen. The first such episode was Dark Side of the Moon.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Men of Letters bunker is having problems from the AC to shower. Dean suggested this is due to non-stop operation (similarly to a computer that starts jamming when it remains active for too long), and restarted the system in attempt to fix that, which apparently worked.
  • Its revealed that Billie confirmed that Amara must be killed along with God.
  • Dean mentions fighting Lucifer and killing Adolf Hitler.
  • Its revealed that the bunker has been in Standby Mode the entire time the Winchesters have been using it. As a result, the systems have not been operating at full power.
  • It is revealed that there is a monster radar in the Bunker.
  • Included in the picture of the Men of Letters is Cuthbert Sinclair. Mrs. Butters also mentions Mr. Markham who appeared in The Werther Project and Larry Ganem who appeared in As Time Goes By.
  • Sam and Jack celebrate a birthday in this episode.
  • Sam is shown using Mjölnir on a hunt while Dean uses his Grenade Launcher.
  • In Cuthbert Sinclair's video, he mentions that Mrs. Butters was stolen from the Thule by Clifford Henshaw.
  • Sam goes on a date with Eileen Leahy and Mrs. Butters fixes the broken TV in the Dean Cave from Scoobynatural.
    • As noted by Mrs. Butters, Sam returns rather late from his date with Eileen with Dean having earlier made lewd implications for Sam's desire for private time with Eileen. Mrs. Butters asks Sam about how the date went but Sam's response, if he gave one, is not shown while Dean tells Sam that he didn't call Sam for help as he figured that Sam was "practicing his sign language" which Dean suggests is more important than rescuing him as its been awhile for Sam.
  • Without Mrs. Butters, the bunker reverts back to Standby Mode and the regular level of operations.
  • Mrs. Butters identifies the telescope in the bunker as an interdimensional geoscope. When Dean tells her that he couldn't see anything looking through it, Mrs. Butters becomes worried and states that its not a good thing.
  • This episode occurs over the course of several days with Mrs. Butters celebrating each successful hunt by helping the Winchesters celebrate all of the holidays that they have missed over their lifetime.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of a wood nymph, which is another term for a dryad in Greek mythology. Drys signifies "oak" in Greek, and dryads are specifically the nymphs of oak trees, but the term has come to be used for tree nymphs in general, or human-tree hybrids in fantasy.
  • This is one of the few times Sam and Dean fight a monster but do not kill it in the end.
  • Dean and Jack's relationship is shown to have improved since Jack got his soul back, but it still remains somewhat strained. However, Dean calls Jack a good kid to Mrs. Butters and bakes him a birthday cake though he remains uncomfortable with the reminder that Jack killed his mother. Dean tells Jack that he's trying, but what Jack did isn't easy to forget. Dean admits that he might still be a little angry with Jack, but not as much as he once was.


  • In the flashback at the beginning of the episode, Mrs. Butters is shown cleaning the bunker. However, when the Winchesters found it in Everybody Hates Hitler, it was a slight mess including a coffee cup with old residue on a table.
  • In the press release Meagen Fay's last name is misspelled as "Fey".
  • When Sam and Dean first speak with Mrs Butters she says that the Men of Letters “were” her family, as if she already knew they were dead, but then asks where they are.



  • Mrs. Butters: When the lads left for the ceremony, I was told to stay behind, guard the Bunker. But they never returned. So, to keep the Bunker safe, I placed it and myself in standby mode.

  • Dean: Jack will be fine. I mean, I've been through worse. Look at me. I'm the picture of health.
  • Sam: Ignoring your trauma doesn't make you healthy.
  • Dean: Sure it does.

  • Dean: Whoo! Well, that's gotta be a record. I mean no investigation, no dead ends. Just -- ding! Bloodsuckers. That monster radar rules.

  • Mrs. Butters: Dean, eat your vegetables. And, Sam... cut your hair. And, Jack... go save the world. Well. Goodbye, boys.


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