Larsen Bros. Shipyard is an abandoned shipyard located close to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


The shipyard, located off of Route 14 near Sioux Falls, South Dakota was active for an unknown period of time. The shipyard was eventually shut down in 2008. When it was shut down, the shipyard was abandoned with several vessels still at the location, including what appeared to be an old cargo ship.

In 2017, while making their way to the Wind Caves, the Winchesters, Kaia Nieves and Jack were ambushed outside of the shipyard entrance by an angel. The Winchesters were forced to flee into the abandoned ship with five more angels joining the one already there. As the angels attempted to break through the Winchesters' warding, Jack and Kaia worked together to open a rift to Apocalypse World. Their efforts resulted in the death of the angels, Kaia being transported to the side of the road nearby, Jack being sent to Apocalypse World and the Winchesters to the Bad Place. A rift is also opened to the Bad Place on the abandoned ship.

Over the next few days, the rift on the abandoned ship remains open, allowing several Cloaked Figures to make it through. With the help of Kaia, Jody Mills, Donna Hanscum, Claire Novak, Patience Turner and Alex Jones track the Winchesters and the rift to the shipyard. Under attack by the Cloaked Figures and with the rift starting to close, Claire and Kaia crossed over to the Bad Place to rescue the Winchesters while the other women defended the ship from the attacking monsters. Ultimately, Claire and Kaia rescued the Winchesters and all of the monsters were killed, but Kaia was killed as well by a hooded figure in the Bad Place. After the Winchesters and Claire returned, the rift in the shipyard closed on its own.

Sam later warned Jody that while the rift at the shipyard was now closed, it had been open for a few days and more monsters may have passed through from the Bad Place in that time.



  • In the abandoned shipyard there appear to be campers parked. Its not clear if the shipyard is being used as some form of campground or if the campers are just abandoned. On the old cargo ship are several abandoned and rusting cars as well.
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