Bring it on, baby! It's all over. I'm gonna hang his ass.
The Hangman to the crowd
Larry "The Hangman" Lee was a wrestler working for Top Notch Wrestling.


Larry is first shown in a wrestling match with rookie Shawn Harley. The announcer makes it clear that Larry has the upper hand. Shawn accuses him of being drunk. Larry beats down on Shawn, much to the enjoyment of the crowd, and proceeds to wrap a noose around Shawn's neck, an act which his fans are familiar with.

The referee tries to intervene but Larry knocks him down and begins pulling the rope tighter. Harley gradually turns blue, according to the announcer, as the crowd cheers on. Larry has clearly won the match.

After the match, Larry looks into his locker and asks if anyone has seen his rope. An angry Shawn questions Larry on his tactics, having nearly killed Shawn. Gunner Lawless tells Shawn to "back off", much to Shawn's frustration, who accuses the old-timers of sticking together. Shawn storms off, warning Gunner to keep Larry on a leash in case he gets hurt.

Larry is eventually left alone in the locker room. As he packs his bags, the lights suddenly go out. A noose then descends and wraps around his neck. Larry is pulled off his feet and is left hanging from the ceiling. Larry begins choking, and ultimately dies.

A wake is set up the following morning and news is spread to report Larry's death. All of Larry's fellow wrestlers and Rio participate. Sam and Dean Winchester, in hopes of paying their respects, also join the wake.

According to Rio, the official reports claim that Larry had killed himself. He and Rio had also known each other for 25 years. The real culprit however, turns out to be Gunner and the Crossroad Demon Duke.



  • The Hangman was John Winchester's favorite wrestler. According to his sons, watching Larry was one of the few times that they ever saw their father truly happy.
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