Larry Ganem (March 23, 1926 - 2013) was an Elder of the Men of Letters.



In 1958 he was with the group on the night of Henry Winchester and Josie Sands's initiation into the organization. However, the demon Abaddon attacked and blinded Larry.  He was able to give Henry the Key to their secret hideout before Abaddon could get it. Larry was the only member to escape Abaddon's rampage, suffering the loss of his sight at her hands.[1]

Larry blinded by Abaddon in 1958.

Suspecting Henry had survived, he left a clue at the gravesite of the Men of Letters so Henry would be able to track him down.[1]

Season 8

Ganem later married, and lived until 2013, by which point he was 112.  He was met in his home by Sam Winchester, who informed him he was Henry's grandson. Larry explained what had happened, and told Sam about the existence of their hideout, so he could keep it safe from Abaddon, asking him to seal it permanently as he didn't know of a way to stop Abaddon. Unfortunately it turned out that Abaddon had also tracked him down, and had taken control of his wife. She knocked out Sam and turned on Larry, who she killed with a single strike from a butcher's knife.[1]



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