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The Larkin Family was a family that established Larkin's Korner (now Braden Heights), Indiana.


At some point, the Larkins arrived from somewhere in U.S. and established Larkin's Korner. At early 20th century, prior 60s - 70s, the Larkins amassed a large amount of wealth due to their land ownership.

At some time prior 40s, the family male line died out. During the time, only the last known original female member, Ruth Larkin, survived. Ruth inherited the remaining Larkin land ownership from the family. Start from here, she started to sell some of the family lands to developers and companies.

Eventually, Ruth had at least two children and one of them was a male, Calvin Nodd. Due to PTSD he suffered after his mission at Philippines during World War II, Calvin unable to did normal life. The culmination is, in 1962, Calvin killed his own daughter, Riza and her daughter (his grandchild), effectively sealing the fate of the family and ended his family line. Descended into madness, Calvin later attacked one of his patients in hospital during childbirth, turning the image of the family in front of townsfolk. Calvin later also died sometime at 1962 after killed by Riza which returned as Pontianak.

After 60s, all Larkin family wiped out from the town, many of them went to London and other parts of Europe. Some of them moved out from the Larkin's Korner due to marriage with other families. No longer maintained, most of the Larkin family estate abandoned and fell into disrepair, including Larkin family house. Due to the hospital incident caused by Calvin, most of townsfolk feel uneasy to carry the name anymore. They later decided to rename the town as Braden Heights, in honor of town's local war hero. The Larkin family name later forgotten from the town history.


In 2015, a distant relative of Larkin Family, Sally Holcomb moved to Braden Heights. Sally did not knowing her ancestry. Her ancestry later revealed by her grandmother, Marilag, which is niece of Malaya Nodd. At the same time, the last lot of Larkin family estate sold by unnamed Larkin heir in London to a real estate developer.

However, being part of the Larkin Family due to her relationship with Riza, Sally unknowingly responsible in awakening Riza spirit due to her bloodline, when she stepped on the Larkin family estate (technically all of Braden Height was Larkin Family property).


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