Lanie Greenfield was a girl from Milan, Ohio who was receiving messages from her deceased mother.


Sam and Dean were in Milan investigating the death of businessman Ben Waters, who had received strange phone calls from a number ID'd as "SHA33" around the time of his suicide. They had obtained a list of numbers from the phone company of customers that had also received a call from that number; The Greenfields were on the list. Lanie overheard Sam tell her father that he was an employee of the phone company in the neighborhood checking to see if customers were having any service issues. Her father had no issues to report, but as Sam turned to leave, Lanie followed him out to his car. She called him out for impersonating a phone company employee, snidely informing him that the rental car and his "cheap suit" were dead give-aways.

After she protested a little too much that she had not experienced any strange phone activity, Sam convinced her that if she had, she'd find that he'd be a non-judgmental listener of anything she had to say, no matter how weird it seemed. She finally admitted that she had been getting strange calls—from her mom, who'd been dead for three years.

After receiving more messages and seeing her mom's image in her bedroom, Lanie called Sam. She tearfully confided to Sam that her mom instructed her to go to her dad's medicine cabinet and take all of his sleeping pills. After Sam hearing this, and that her mom was repeating the phrase "Come to me" to Lanie, he realized that the messages were not really coming from her mother.


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