She kills the bad ones fast and the good ones slow and painful.

The Lance of Michael was a lance created by the Archangel Michael.

History[edit | edit source]

The Lance was created by Michael to act as a weapon against Lucifer. The Lance was designed to kill good beings slow and evil beings fast. It somehow ended up in the hands of Hell.

Following the defeat of Lucifer, the Lance was given as a gift along with the Colt to the Prince of Hell Ramiel by Crowley.

In 2017, when the Winchester Family, Wally and the Seraphim Castiel attacked him, Ramiel stabbed Castiel with the Lance, mortally wounding him. Crowley realized what Castiel was stabbed with and warns the Winchesters that there is no cure. Ramiel arrives shortly afterwards and uses the Lance to break free of a circle of Holy Fire he is trapped in. During the following battle, Ramiel attempts to use the Lance to kill Dean Winchester, but Dean's brother Sam struggles with him for it. As they struggle, Mary Winchester stabs Ramiel in the back with an angel blade, distracting him long enough for Sam to take the Lance from him. Sam then stabs Ramiel in the heart with the Lance, causing him to glow from within while the area around the wound catches fire. Finally, Ramiel explodes into dust from the effects of the Lance.

After the death of Ramiel, Crowley realizes from what Ramiel said to him years ago that "its power is in its craftsmanship" and breaks it into two pieces, breaking its power over Castiel who instantly recovers. The Winchesters take the two pieces of the Lance with them as they leave.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Crowley stated that it kills everything it touches and, as a powerful Angelic Weapon, the Lance demonstrates many powerful abilities:

  • Angelic Poisoning - Any angel stabbed with the Lance will be poisoned and slowly die of it.
  • Terrakinesis - With a slam of the Lance, Ramiel was able to cause a shockwave of dirt to put out a ring of Holy Fire.
  • Pyrokinesis - When stabbed into the chest of Ramiel, flames appeared around the blade of the Lance in Ramiel's wound. This is limited to when it pierces a demon.
  • Molecular Combustion - The Lance killed Ramiel by causing him to combust into dust. This is limited to when it kills a demon.
  • Invisibility - The user can hide the lance by rendering it invisible.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lance of Michael.jpg

The lance has a silvery blade and wooden handle. It's engraved with Enochian runes and motifs. The runes hold its power, that once destroyed, can reverse the effects of the lance on an angel.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is unknown when or why Michael created this weapon. It was not seen with him when confronting Lucifer at Stull Cemetery.
  • It is unknown when or how the Lance ended up with Crowley.
  • When Ramiel was stabbed with the Lance, he glowed from within like a demon killed with the demon-killing knife or an angel blade would before he exploded.
  • When Castiel was on the verge of death from the Lance's effects, black goo similar to Leviathan goo bubbled up from his mouth.
  • Michael and Lucifer, who are viewed as equals in terms of power and also opposites in some cases, both have their own spear-like weapons.
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