Lance Jacobsen was an accountant in his thirties, as well as a LARPer known as Greyfox the Mystic in the roleplaying game Moondoor. After he suspected Ed Nelson of paying other players real world money to get close to their in-game queen, and appeared to send Nelson threatening text messages leading up to his death. When Sheriff Jake Miller had him brought in for questioning by Sam and Dean Winchester, he explained that he was actually friends with Nelson, and cried about his death. The previous night, he was also at a feast in preparation for the upcoming battle in Moondoor.

When they left him in the interrogation room alone to check his alibi, however, a Celtic tattoo of a tree appeared on his arm in black ink, and he started coughing up blood. After he spewed blood across the one-way mirror, he started bleeding from his eyes, and was dead.


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