Ladyheart is the name of a rock band led by Vince Vincente.


The Ladyhearts was a popular 80s rock metal band that continued to hold fame well into 2016. It was led by Vince Vincente and three other members, one of them named Tommy. Their manager's name was Constance. Prior to its demise, the band's popularity was said to be decreasing. A third album was intended to be released around this time, but failed to be completed.

One of their songs is called "Bloody Messiah".

In late 2016, Vince was suffering from depression due to the death of his lover, Jen. In hopes of reuniting with her again, Vince gave permission to the archangel Lucifer to use him as a vessel. Lucifer, after finding out what he could do with Vince's fame, began manipulating fans into carving Vince's name into their own flesh, forcing them to go to hospital.

Hoping to kill loads of people, Lucifer ordered the band to host a concert at Club Meteor in Los Angeles. Tommy, who was aware that Vince wasn't himself, contacted Agent Beyonce and texted him the location. A large crowd arrived to attend the concert, with merchandises being sold, such as shirts.

Backstage, Lucifer murdered all three band members despite Castiel and Crowley's efforts. Lucifer proceeded to beat up the angel and the demon. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean struggled to remove the crowd from the club, though Dean eventually managed to scare them off using his gun.

Since Vince was rotting away, Lucifer was forced to escape him and find a new vessel, leaving Vince, and the entire band, dead. The demise of the Ladyhearts upset many fans, namely Sam Winchester and Roseleen Greenfield.



  • The Ladyhearts is a fictional band.
  • Their only known song, "Bloody Messiah", was co-written by composer Jay Gruska and writer Robert Berens.
    • Sam is shown to have this song as a ringtone.
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