Toni Bevell, Men of Letters, London chapter house.
— Lady Toni Bevell
in Alpha and Omega

Antonia "Toni" Bevell was a member of the British Men of Letters.



Toni went to the Kendricks Academy with both Arthur Ketch and Mick Davies. While there, she and Arthur had "a lot of sex" and she "slaughtered the competition, sometimes literally."

Season 11Edit

In Alpha and Omega, Toni returns to her home in London only to get a call that something bad is happening. She heads to her basement where she observes a corkboard decorated with information on the Winchester Family.

She bids her sleeping son goodbye and prepares to head out. Her servant gives her a few weapons before she leaves.

When Sam and Castiel return to the Bunker after the sun was restored to normal, she uses the angel banishing sigil on Castiel and tells Sam that she is a member of the British Men of Letters. When she asks about Dean, Sam tells her he's dead.

Toni tells Sam that she has come to take him to see the Boss at the London Chapter of the Men of Letters. She accuses him of playing with things - Archangels, Leviathans, the Darkness - bigger than he can handle. She soon fires a gun at him, leaving Sam's fate uncertain.

Season 12Edit

In Keep Calm and Carry On, Toni brings Sam, who she shot in the leg, to Dr. Marion to have his injuries treated, paying him with $100,000 to not ask questions. Taking him to a farmhouse, Toni explains that the British Men of Letters have kept Britain safe from monsters for forty years and want to do the same with America. To this end, she demands information on all of the hunters in America, their leadership and how to contact them. When Sam refuses to tell her, Toni has Ms. Watt torture him for the information, but he continues to refuse. Though Ms. Watt suggests bringing in Mr. Ketch, Toni refuses as she doesn't like the man and instead decides to resort to mental torture, causing Sam to have hallucinations of dead people in an attempt to break his mind. However, when Dean calls her and threatens Toni if she doesn't turn over Sam, she sends Ms. Watt to kill him. Eventually, Sam apparently commits suicide as a result of his hallucinations, but in reality tricks Toni and briefly overpowers her. Sam nearly escapes, but Toni manages to lock him in the basement once again.

In Mamma Mia, Toni uses a spell and potion to create a hallucination where she seduces Sam to get information from him. She is unable to get much before Sam sees through it and Toni resumes her physical torture. As she tortures Sam, Toni gets a call from Mick informing her that Ms. Watt is dead and he has come to bring her in as she's gone too far. Toni refuses to stop and captures Dean when he locates the farmhouse with help from Ms. Watt's cell phone and Castiel. Toni threatens to torture Dean instead but before she can begin, a resurrected Mary Winchester threatens her at gunpoint. Toni and Mary engage in a fight that ends with Toni cutting open her hand and mentally strangling Mary while Dean threatens her with Mary's gun. Toni demands the gun, stating Mary will die if she is killed and Dean pretends to comply. As Dean hands over the gun, he punches Toni unconscious, having recognized that she was using a Chinese mind control technique and that knocking her out would end its effects.

The group is then interrupted by Mick who explains that Toni's orders were to make contact with the Winchesters but she went too far out of her belief of their being a malfeasance in the American hunters. Mick promises that Toni will be punished in London for her actions and departs with her. Toni remains steadfast in her desire to get answers, but Mick refuses though he tells her if necessary, he will do what he has to deal with the situation. To that end, he has called for Mr. Ketch, something that leaves Toni visibly uneasy.

In LOTUS, the Winchesters and Castiel are rescued from the Secret Service by Arthur Ketch. As a result of their experiences with Toni, they are wary of Arthur who shows disdain for Toni, calling her "excitable." When Dean reminds Arthur that Toni tried to kill them, he responds by saying "like I said, excitable." Arthur also calls Toni an "ideologue" while he doesn't care about them one way or the other.

In Family Feud, Mary tells Arthur that her sons are reluctant to trust the British Men of Letters due to the actions of Toni who is referred to as a rogue operative. Sam also refers to the torture Toni put him through.

In The Raid, Dean brings up to Arthur Ketch Toni's actions. Arthur tells him that no one but Arthur himself predicted her actions with Arthur telling Dean that "I had a sneak peak at what a neurotic, overreaching time bomb she was" before going on to explain that he and Toni used to date. Dean is unsurprised by the revelation, commenting that he can see it.

In The British Invasion, Doctor Hess tells Mick that Toni thinks the Winchesters are hopeless to turn to their side. Mick reminds Doctor Hess that he's currently having to clean up Toni's mess.

In Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes, a restrained Mary asks Arthur if he will now kill her as her phone rings. Toni enters, dismisses Mary's call and tells her not to be silly as she's an asset and they have other plans for her. Preparing a notebook and pen, Toni tells her "now Mary, let's begin."

In There's Something About Mary, Toni brainwashes Mary to become a remorseless killer loyal only to the British Men of Letters. She is also offered leadership of the American operation once the American hunters are gone, something that puts her into conflict with Arthur who introduces Toni to his new pet hellhound to her discomfort.

After the Winchesters set a trap using the microphone Arthur left in the Bunker, Toni leads a team to kill the Winchesters. However, her men are trapped and she is ambushed by the Winchesters. After briefly overpowering Dean, she is captured by Sam. On the way back to the Bunker, Toni freely admits to the British Men of Letters plans and tells them of Mick's death and what they are doing to Mary.

At the Bunker, the Winchesters are ambushed by Arthur and some of his men. Sam holds Toni hostage as the Winchesters engage in a gunfight with the British Men of Letters forces. However, after Dean disarms Arthur, Mary arrives, fully brainwashed to the British Men of Letters side. Arthur explains that he intends to lock the Winchesters in the Bunker and suck the air out which will kill them in two to three days. Telling Toni that she's expendable, Arthur locks her in to die with them.

In Who We Are, Toni remains trapped in the bunker with the Winchesters and the three discuss options, including killing Toni to conserve oxygen. Toni claims that she is the only one who can break Mary's brainwashing and tells the Winchesters that the only way to open the bunker again is to hit the manual override, located outside where they can't reach it. After a day of searching, Sam finds a spell that will work but ultimately fails as Arthur included a mystical dampener to the lockdown. Finally, Dean comes up with the idea of breaking into the sewers and using them to reach the surface and the manual override. After another day of failing to break through the wall and running out of oxygen, Dean decides to use a grenade launcher to blow a hole through the wall. Toni, chained by the Winchesters, protests, but Dean goes ahead with the plan as Toni and Sam take cover. As the two begin to suffocate, Dean is able to reach the manual override and save them.

After learning that Jody Mills has captured Mary, the Winchesters take Toni to Sioux Falls and demand she break Mary's brainwashing. Toni then admits that she lied and Mary's consciousness is trapped behind impenetrable psychic walls she can't break. Toni listens to Sam's rallying speech to the other hunters with apparent interest and after they leave, Dean asks her to link his mind to Mary's. Toni agrees to help, telling Dean that she can rig something from the bunker's equipment.

Toni's death 1

Toni's corpse.

At the bunker, Toni links Mary and Dean's minds with a device and asks for a head start before he kills her so she can at least say goodbye to her son. Dean agrees, but chains Toni to a metal table to ensure she won't try to run.

After reaching Mary, Dean awakens to find that Arthur is in the bunker and has slit Toni's throat. However, Toni's help has allowed Dean to break Mary's brainwashing and she awakens and kills Arthur. Both Arthur and Toni's bodies are covered by Dean and Mary with sheets afterwards.


Killed ByEdit

After Toni helped the Winchesters after she was left to die with them, Arthur slit her throat, killing Toni.


Toni is shown to be a ruthless individual, willing to do anything to achieve the British Men of Letters goals. Her ruthlessness extends back to her childhood as Arthur Ketch notes that while at Kendricks Academy, she slaughtered the competition, "sometimes literally." She also has no compunctions against brutally torturing someone for days to get what she wants and brainwashing someone into a brutal killer loyal to her organization. When captured, Toni freely admitted to the Winchesters the murder of Mick Davies and the other crimes committed by the British Men of Letters, showing no remorse or care for their actions.

Toni is shown to hold a great deal of arrogance, the result of which is she can be easily tricked in the right situation. In Keep Calm and Carry On, she fell for Sam's fake suicide, nearly allowing him to escape. In Mamma Mia, she derided the Winchesters for "never picking up a book" but Dean recognized her Chinese mind control technique from one and easily broke the spell, mocking her earlier words.

On several occasions, it has been shown and stated that Toni has a low opinion of American hunters and in particular the Winchesters. Even after being forced back to London, Toni continued to advocate for wiping out the American hunters, feeling that they were too uncontrollable. Despite this, after being trapped with the Winchesters, Toni showed obvious respect for them at times. One such time was when Sam came up with the idea to use hybrid two-step magic to get them out. However, she found them and their idea to use a grenade launcher to escape insane due to threat it had of collapsing the bunker upon them.

Despite her ruthless nature, Toni is shown to not be the same kind of cold-hearted psychopath as Arthur Ketch. Instead, she possesses a degree of morality and caring, shown best with the tenderness she shows her sleeping son. Despite her desperation to torture information out of Sam Winchester, Toni was reluctant to call in Arthur, a more proficient torturer but also a psychopath. While some of Toni's low opinion of Arthur likely came from their previous relationship, she is also not wrong about Arthur's personality. After seeing Arthur with his new pet hellhound which Arthur got to respond to her, Toni appeared to be disgusted and disquieted by the hellhound's presence and Arthur's affection towards it. When asking Dean to give her a head start before killing her, Toni's only concern was saying goodbye to her son.

Despite her original low opinion of American hunters, Toni seemed genuinely interested in Sam's speech to the American hunters squad before he led them against the British Men of Letters. Following this, Toni became less brash and arrogant, suggesting that Sam's speech gave her a new perspective on things. After the speech, instead of loudly and angrily reacting to the situation or being only reluctantly cooperative, Toni appeared to become more quiet and thoughtful, even going so far as to offer an alternative solution to Dean's idea for saving Mary rather than dismissing it out of hand as she would've in the past.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a highly-trained member of the British Men of Letters, Toni has displayed several abilities resulting from her training:

  • Supernatural Awareness - As a true member of the Men of Letters, she has been aware and has vast amount of worldly and supernatural knowledge. She's also resourceful enough to track Sam and Dean.
  • Spell Casting - As a true member of the Men of Letters, she also taught and knew many spells. She was able to make a different version of the angel banishing sigil that is able to banish Castiel. She knew how to make potent magical perimeters and wardings that powerful enough to disable human and angel. She also knew how to cast very potent hallucination spells to Sam that are even able to push him nearly to his limit. Toni was also capable of performing the Abrogation Ritual.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat - Toni has shown to have some degree of skill in hand-to-hand combat, as she was able to fight on par with Mary, a retired Hunter. However, Sam seemed to be more than a match for her.
  • Brainwashing - Toni is an extremely proficient brainwasher, able to bury a person's mind behind impenetrable psychic walls and turning them into emotionless killers following only their programing. While Toni claimed to be the only one able to reverse her brainwashing, she later admitted that this was a lie.
  • Torture


  • Mortality - As a human, she has a limited life span and is vulnerable to any physical and magical attacks.



  • Toni sees Arthur Ketch as a psychopath while Arthur sees her as "a neurotic, overreaching time bomb." As Arthur is in fact her ex-boyfriend, their dim opinion of each other may come from their former relationship. However, in Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes, her opinion of Arthur is shown to be correct with Mary Winchester realizing the same thing.
  • She was the only member of the British Men of Letters to appear in Season 11 and the first member to appear on the show.
  • Toni is the only British Men of Letters operative with a known relative.
  • In a deleted scene for There's Something About Mary, Toni debunks the Winchesters plan to hotwire the bunker's power. Toni reveals that the lockdown plan had been set up for some time and she was aware of it, she just had never expected to fall victim to it.
  • In a deleted scene for Who We Are, Arthur Ketch reports Toni as collateral damage of his attack on the bunker to Doctor Hess. Ketch lies that Sam killed Toni. In another deleted scene as Toni checks on the equipment tying Dean and Mary's minds together, she turns around to find Ketch behind her with a knife.
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