Ladies Drink Free is the 16th episode of Season 12. It aired on March 30, 2017.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean let Mick Davies (guest star Adam Fergus) tag along on a case as they search for a werewolf. The three men run into Claire Novak (guest star Kathryn Love Newton), also working the hunt. However, the reunion is short lived after Claire is bitten and the brothers race to find a way to help her before she turns.


Somewhere in Wisconsin, a young woman, Hayden, is tricked by her brother Ben into leaving the bar she is at. On the way home they are attacked by a masked figure; Justin is killed and his heart ripped out, and Hayden is injured.

At the British Men of Letters headquarters, Sam and Dean are waiting in the large conference room. Mick Davies enters, apologizing for running late. He tells them about the attack in Wisconsin which he thinks is a werewolf attack. The boys agree to take the case and to their surprise Mick insists on tagging along. After staying the night in a fancy hotel paid for by the British Men of Letters, the three of them go to the hospital where Hayden is recovering. Mick pretends to be a doctor and checks Hayden's wounds and finds what is clearly a bite on the inside of Hayden's arm. He tells Sam and Dean, who have been talking to Hayden's mother, that she had not been bitten. They boys discuss whether the wildlife officer that the mother told them had also questioned her is Claire Novak.

Dean calls Claire and she meets the boys at the Wild Boar Lodge. Claire explains that Hayden's story is one big lie and tells them how she tracked Hayden to a local dive bar where the bartender, sporting tribal tats, was grabby, but gave her information. Dean picks up on the grabby comment, obviously in protective mode. Claire assures him she's a big girl and handled things. Mick heads off to bed early, telling Sam and Dean he has to file reports. After talking with Claire about her family and hunting, the brothers allow her to eat a real meal at Mick's expense, to her joy.

Back at the hospital, the mom kisses a sleeping Hayden and heads out to get more coffee. Mick lets himself into the room. He's checking the IV when the full moon breaks through the clouds and Hayden begins to change. With a growl, she launches herself at him. Mick fights her off and is able to inject her with the silver he's brought in a syringe, and as she dies she transforms back to a very young, scared, vulnerable girl.

The next morning, Sam, Dean, Claire, and Mick are all at the hospital where the doctor is explaining that Hayden's sudden death looks like a heart attack. Also, he explains how on admission, she had defensive wounds, but now everything is healed. The boys decide that Sam and Claire will talk to Hayden's friends while Dean and Mick track down the bartender. At the bar, Dean and Mick approach the bartender and start to question him. He finally caves and tells Dean the girl had a thing with Connor, the other bartender. Dean questions Connor, commenting on his liking of teenage girls. Mick and Dean confront Connor about Hayden. Dean asks Connor what he did after Hayden left the bar. Connor says he went home. He also admits he met Claire, and starts to spout off about her type of girl; Dean makes sure he understands that if he comes near Claire again, Dean will break his face. As Dean and Mick leave, Dean confronts him about killing a young girl. He tells Mick that things are not always black and white—each case has to be taken on its own merits.

Claire talks to Hayden's friends alone, reasoning that Sam is too old for them to relate to. When she returns, she tells that Hayden was dating someone from the bar, and he creeped her friends out so much one of them ratted Hayden out to her brother. Sam takes in the information, then confronts Claire, asking her why Jody thinks she is in Wisconsin to look at colleges. Claire gets mad, telling Sam it's none of their business and tells him not to act like they care. Sam states they do care and she tells him they need to stop treating her like a stupid kid if they really cared for her. He tells her to stop acting like one. Claire storms off with her headphones on full blast. Suddenly she is attacked by a guy wearing a mask and though she fights, he pins her down. When she screams, he runs off. The dazed Claire then sees Sam comes running up and finds Claire with a visible bite wound.

Back at the hotel, Sam and Dean try to make Claire comfortable. They also berate Mick for killing a kid. After Claire remarks on her impending fate, Sam looks up a possible cure he's found in Men of Letters archives which uses the blood of the sire. Mick reveals that this cure was tested only once on humans and the subject died in agony. Claire wants to try the cure anyway. Despite Dean's protests, he agrees with Sam and Claire about her choice. Dean decides the tattooed bartender is the one who bit her and head out to get his blood. They leave Claire with Mick with the understanding that if anything happens to her, he dies. They go after Connor, but it's not him, as Sam's silver knife has no effect.

Back at the hotel, as the moon rises, Claire starts to turn. She tries to take Mick's gun to shoot herself, but he stops her. Before Mick can chain her, the masked man breaks into the room, knocking Mick across the room. It's the first bartender Dean talked to, Justin. He drags Claire out of the room. Sam and Dean come back just as Mick is getting up. He tells them the werewolf took Claire, but he'd put a tracker on her, so they can find her.

Claire Werewolf

Claire is given the cure.

Justin has Claire tied to a pillar in his kitchen. He tells her how Hayden was unhappy and he was going to make her his pack. He tries to force Claire to eat a heart but she spits it in his face. She struggles and starts to turn just as Sam and Dean bust in. Sam fights the werewolf and Dean takes on a wolfed-out Claire. Out of nowhere, Mick tazes the werewolf. He draws a syringe of his blood and they give Claire the cure. She writhes in great pain, and then passes out. After a moment more, she transforms back to a human and wakes up.

Back at the hotel, Claire is loading her car and Mick is amazed by her miracle cure. Sam and Dean agree to give Mick a second chance, and he is humbled and willing to learn. Claire says goodbye to the boys, and before taking off, she calls Jody. She leaves a voicemail telling Jody she's hunting alone. While it's scary, she's doing what she has to do, but that she loves both Jody and Alex.


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  • The episode was watched by 1.71 million viewers and got a 0.6 rating.
  • Claire is revealed to have been hunting for months, and had kept it a secret from Jody and Alex.
  • Mick revealed that Martin Luther was a hunter.
  • Dean states that the hotel being so upscale and having chocolate on pillows ruined their usual cheap motels for him. This might be a reference to Elysian Fields Hotel, which also had chocolate on pillows.
    • The experience there was so bad for Dean that he called it "Hotel Hell", which is a reference to the reality TV show of the same name.
  • Mick has carpal tunnel syndrome, befitting his occupation as a desk worker.

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Supernatural 12x16 Promo "Ladies Drink Free" (HD) Season 12 Episode 16 Promo

Supernatural 12x16 Promo "Ladies Drink Free" (HD) Season 12 Episode 16 Promo

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Supernatural 12x16 Sneak Peek "Ladies Drink Free" (HD) Season 12 Episode 16 Sneak Peek

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Supernatural 12x16 Inside "Ladies Drink Free" (HD) Season 12 Episode 16 Inside


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