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Kurt Machalek was an insane serial killer appearing in Supernatural: Night Terror.


At some point in his life, Kurt went insane and came to believe that human hearts were totems that would grant him mystical powers for each one he took. In particular, Kurt believed that he would gain immortality and invulnerability if he collected a dozen hearts. To this end, Kurt abducted people, explained his reasons for murdering them in detail and then cut out their still-beating hearts with a serrated Bowie knife.

After seven murders, Kurt was caught by the FBI who took the hearts away from him. Kurt was locked up in the Supermax wing of Falls Federal Prison outside of Clayton Falls, Colorado and became the prison's most despicable prisoner until Ragnar Bartch was brought there. While the FBI believed that the hearts of Kurt's victims were just souvenirs of his murders, he insisted on their purpose as mystical tokens.

Kurt came to believe that with his victims' hearts taken away by the FBI, he had lost all of his accumulated mystical powers and would have to start all over again once he escaped from prison. While locked in his solitary cell, Kurt slept and dreamed of the day that he could reclaim his supposed mystical powers and show everyone true power once he got his dozen hearts. Kurt also relived his murders and the feeling he got when he believed that their power left their bodies in their hearts for him. While Kurt preferred the idea of dreaming about killing his future victims, he couldn't control his dreams and found reliving his murders a pleasurable experience while locked up in solitary confinement.

In 2011, a night hag came to Clayton Falls and plagued the town with living nightmares. On the third night of the night hag's reign of terror, it grew powerful enough to bring to life people's individual fears without feeding directly upon them. As a result, as Kurt relived the murder of his fourth victim, a soccer mom, the content of his dream changed into a nightmare. In the nightmare, as he committed the murder, Kurt could sense people surrounding him despite the fact that Kurt allowed no one to witness his murders. When Kurt awoke, he found himself surrounded by manifestations of his victims and panicked, stating that they couldn't be there as he took their power from them. As Kurt continued to panic, his victims all attacked him at once with butcher knives, carving into Kurt despite his attempts to fight them off. Finally, Kurt's victims cut into his abdomen and ripped out and crushed his organs, saving his heart for last.

Kurt's murder was eventually discovered by the prison guards who were utterly baffled by how Kurt apparently managed to disembowel himself while on closed-circuit camera surveillance. During the time of Kurt's murder, the camera was filled with static for a moment and by the time the guard watching it thought to report something was wrong, Kurt was already dead.


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