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And you'll let me go?
Kris to Dean Winchester

Kris was a vampire who was found by Arthur Ketch.


Kris loses her entire nest to the British Men of Letters. She finds comfort in the leader of another nest who promises to keep her safe. He feeds her to help her regain her strength. He promises that everyone is safe now since the place he chose as a nest is like a fortress. The Alpha Vampire, who appears a moment later, voices his disagreement, before greeting them both warmly.

Dean and Arthur Ketch later arrive at the More Rest motel in search of vampires. While Dean believes the area is a ghost town, Ketch manages to find Kris hiding in the basement with corpses. He drags her out screaming, while Ketch himself is fairly amused at her antics.

Kris captured by Ketch.

Ketch demands to know where her friends are, and proceeds to beat and punch the information out of her, much to Dean's horror. When Dean tells him it's enough, Ketch argues that she's a monster. Dean decides to ask questions himself, ordering Kris to tell him where her friends are and promises to "make it quick".

Kris tells Dean that her friends went hunting. When Ketch asks who, Kris informs them that the vampires went hunting for the hunters, meaning the ones who eradicated her nest.


Kris appeared to have been traumatized by the destruction of her nest at the hands of operatives of the British Men of Letters. This trauma presumably kept her from joining the attack on those who had destroyed her nest. When confronted by Arthur Ketch and Dean Winchester, she was defiant in the face of torture, but broke quickly under the promise of a quick death in exchange for information, showing that she perhaps welcomed an end to her life.