The Kohonta Curse is a curse to turn a human into a kohonta.


Kohonta is known to be created by Native American shamans in retaliation for the human they once were engaging in acts of mass cannibalism, particularly towards Native Americans which they considered crimes against both their people and nature. The shamans would then bind them to the nearby forest and put up warnings around the area.

After going mad with hunger, Henry ate not only his own family but some of the local Native Americans as well. When Henry was finally captured by the local tribe, they decided that killing him was too kind. Instead, Henry was cursed by a shaman to become a kohonta, a creature of insatiable hunger, bound to the forest around his family's former homestead.


The ritual, requires a shaman to perform it. The shaman pinned down the human that will be turned on the forest floor. The performer later burns some incense and lit hearth near to the target. After all is set, the performer sprinkled blessed water with an eagle feathers bundle, while speaking the incantation.

Once the curse is cast and the shaman is gone, the target will slowly turn into a kohonta. The curse also bound them to the nearby forest and made unable to leave it.


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