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Killing him would've been too easy. They wanted that boy to suffer. For his crimes against our people, crimes against nature. They cursed him. He's doomed to roam the woods... always starving. And if he didn't feed... his body would eat itself. The kohonta aren't born. They're made.
Mason Romero telling the Winchesters about the creation of a kohonta.
in Don't Go In The Woods

A kohonta is a human who has been cursed into a creature of insatiable hunger for extreme acts of cannibalism.


Kohonta are known to be created by Native American shamans in retaliation for the human they once were engaging in acts of mass cannibalism, particularly towards Native Americans which they considered crimes against both their people and nature. The shamans would then bind them to the nearby forest and put up warnings around the area. Stories about particular kohontas would be passed down through the tribes, but over time they would be forgotten as anything but a tribal legend. Kohonta became so unknown that common lore did not list their weakness, though the version told by the tribes did.

In 2019, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester learn about kohonta when Henry Parker, who was cursed into becoming a kohonta centuries before, kills a young woman named Barbara in the forest of Polk City, Iowa. The local sheriff, Mason Romero, had heard stories of Henry and the kohonta as a boy, but had believed them to just be a tribal legend until he saw Henry on the night that Barbara was killed. Working together, the Winchesters and Mason were able to kill Henry and end his reign of terror.


Kohonta are cursed to have an insatiable hunger that would cause their body to eat itself if they didn't feed. When nearby, their presence would be signaled by an eerie whispering sound. They appeared to be light sensitive and had a misshapen humanoid figure with leathery greenish skin and a harmful bite. Due to their insatiable hunger, kohonta were able to release their own bile which was acidic enough to burn a man's face and leave burn marks around their victims wounds.

When killed, they melt into a puddle of green goo.

Powers and Abilities[]

Henry Parker becoming a Kohonta.

Kohonta are mildly powerful creatures.

  • Immortality - A kohonta has the capability to live for centuries.
  • Acidic Bile - Due to it's insatible hunger, a kohonta can spit up it's own acidic bile upon their victims.
  • Super Speed - A kohonta can move at an incredible speed.
  • Super Strength - A kohonta is very strong, easily able to throw grown men around.
  • Invulnerability - Kohonta are invulnerable to many forms of harm with one getting shot multiple times and only suffering mild pain from it.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - Their presence will cause lights to flicker, as Henry Parker's presence caused all the lights in the washroom to flicker.


  • Starvation - If a kohonta don't feed regularly, their body begins to consume itself.
  • Shaman Magic - A kohonta can be trapped by magic casted by native american shamans.
  • Silver Blade Through the Heart - A kohonta can be killed by stabbing a silver blade through their heart.

Known Kohontas[]



  • Dean and Sam Winchester believe that destroying a kohonta's head with a shotgun can kill them, although that was never tested/proved. However, this was before they knew how to kill one and were speculating on possible weaknesses.
  • The story behind the creation of a kohonta is very similar to that of a wendigo. The difference appears to be the person getting cursed into a kohonta before their cannibalism can transform them into a wendigo.

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