The Kiss of Death is an Aramaic curse created by the witch Sonja. The curse is very dangerous because of its transmittable nature.


Tired of women coming to her to get their men back, the witch Sonja created this curse to teach a lesson. Sonja sold the curse to Melissa Harper as a Return to Love spell and she cast the curse on her cheating husband Dan. The curse caused the Qareen to kill Dan's mistress who was his and Melisaa's babysitter and then Dan himself before turning on Melissa. Dean kissed Melissa to transfer the curse to himself to buy them time to break it and he, Melissa and Sam went after Sonja at her beauty salon. As Dean was confronted by the Qareen in the form of Amara, Sam killed Sonja and then the Qareen, breaking the curse.


The curse consists of a box of ingredients and an Aramaic spell, which roughly translates to "The Kiss of Death". The person who begins the curse must recite the spell and then kiss whoever they wish to pass the curse onto. The ingredients used are cat skull and bones, eagle feathers, various unknown roots and barks, and a box of unknown things.

The following cursing spell, although non chanted on-screen, it appears in Sonja's note. The spell is in Aramaic language

Nush Kthan Dmo Than
Kan Ken Pith Gan Nay Yan
Ha I Len U Nshak Yanth
Kli Lan Lmik Le Ka Rin
Cha Nad Hon Gniz Gni Zin
Nfesh Bad Nuth Gush Nan
A Ved Ltaf Ked Thakh
L Sha Ka Ra U Lmik Tal

An enslaved Qareen will then proceed to go after the targeted person, and kill them.

The curse will carry on until the person who started the curse also gets killed. This can be avoided only by continuously passing on the curse, or by killing the qareen.

The witch Sonja exploited this spell by selling it under the name "Return To Love" spell.


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