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A King has an image to maintain and I'm not afraid of you. But they are.
Kipling tries to make a deal with Sam in front of his henchmen.
in Stranger in a Strange Land

These ten unnamed demons acted as henchmen to the demon Kipling in his attempt to become the new King of Hell.


As part of his plan to become the new King of Hell, Kipling decided to meet with the Seraphim Castiel at Martha's Motown Meats in Detroit. In order to stack the deck against Castiel, Kipling had his henchmen possess the customers and staff of the restaurant to be able to ambush Castiel when the time was right. While posing as the bartender, one of the demons served Kipling and Castiel drinks. After Castiel threatened to kill Kipling to get information, Kipling had his demons reveal themselves. Though Castiel immediately drew an angel blade, the demons overpowered the Seraphim through numbers, knocked him to the floor and kicked Castiel repeatedly until he was subdued.

When Sam arrived, Kipling was waiting inside with three of the demons, one of whom frisked Sam for weapons. As Sam met with Kipling, three more demons entered with a captured Jack and Maggie who hadn't even put up a fight when they were captured. During the conversation that followed, Kipling admitted that the other demons are afraid of Sam even though he wasn't and tries to make a deal as his henchmen watched to work with Sam in exchange for Sam ignoring things like crossroads deals and demon-on-demon violence. Sam, however, refused to make a deal with Kipling to allow him to become the new King of Hell.

After Sam refused to make a deal for the final time, Mary Winchester and Bobby Singer entered and opened fire with devil's trap bullets. As the demons released their captives and rushed the hunters, Bobby managed to take one down with devil's trap bullets from Rufus, but a second demon dodged Bobby's fire by running along the walls and disarmed the hunter, knocked him to the ground and began beating on him along with another demon. Though Jack tried to intervene, he was no match for the demon he attacked without his powers while another demon disarmed Mary of her gun, but she managed to overpower and kill him with an angel blade.

As the fight turned against the hunters, Mary tried to rush to intervene, only to be ambushed the demon posing as the bartender. The bartender demon nearly strangled Mary to death, but was stabbed to death from behind by Maggie with an angel blade given to her by Mary. However, moments later, the two women were attacked and overpowered by one of the demons that had attacked Bobby and another demon that had not entered the fight at that point.

As the demons continued to struggle with the hunters, Sam managed to kill Kipling with the demon-killing knife and called an end to the battle. Sam announced that there would be no more Kings of Hell and threatened that any demon that wanted the position would have to go through him. Terrified, the three demons still standing fled the restaurant in their smoke form, ending the battle and leaving behind their dead or unconscious vessels. The demon who had been taken down with devil's trap bullets was left behind and was presumably then killed by the hunters.

Powers and Abilities[]

They appeared to be regular low-level demons.


They possessed the regular weaknesses of demons.



  • After the initial capture of Castiel, four of the demons disappear without an explanation. Its possible Castiel managed to kill some before he was actually taken down or they were taken out off-screen by Mary and Bobby outside.