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You see recently, I had a revelation. You know, somebody asked me what it was that I wanted. And I realized that after six hundred years as a demon walking the planet, destroying, drinking, defiling - you know, the three D's - I didn't know. So I sat back and I gave it a good think. And I realized exactly what I wanted. (...) Everything.
— Kipling explains his motives to Castiel
in Stranger in a Strange Land

Kipling was a demon who sought to become the new King of Hell following the deaths of all of Hell's previous leaders. As a human he was a soldier who served under Genghis Khan.


While he was human, Kipling served in the armies of Genghis Khan. In his own words Kipling "burned half the world" while serving under Genghis Khan. After he eventually died, Kipling went to Hell and became a demon. By 2018, Kipling was over six hundred years old as a demon.

In 2018, Kipling encountered the Apocalypse World Michael in the vessel of Dean Winchester. As Michael asked many others, he asked Kipling "what do you want?" Once Michael departed, Kipling considered the question and realized that he wanted everything. With the recent deaths of Asmodeus and Lucifer, Hell was left without a King for the first time in its history. With no other demon in line to assume the throne, Kipling decided to take control of Hell for himself.

In an attempt to find Dean, the Seraphim Castiel contacted Kipling in the hope that the demons would have some information. Kipling set up a meeting at Martha's Motown Meats, but stacked the odds against Castiel by having the staff and patrons of the restaurant be demons working for Kipling. Kipling expressed surprise that Castiel wanted to meet with him and that Castiel was looking for Dean when Kipling believed them to be "joined at the everything." Kipling questioned Castiel on what would be in it for him if he answered Castiel's question and Castiel told him that Kipling would get to live if he did and if he didn't Castiel would burn him to ash.

Kipling then had the other demons in the restaurant reveal themselves and they beat Castiel to a pulp. Kipling restrained Castiel to a chair and called Sam using Castiel's phone to demand that Sam meet with him if Sam wished to see Castiel again alive. As they waited for Sam to arrive, Kipling offered Castiel a drink despite acknowledging that it had no effect on either of them due to their respective natures. Kipling admitted that he wanted to make a deal with Sam and believed that Sam would make one with him as Sam had dealt with worse than Kipling in the past. Kipling explained to Castiel about his recent meeting with Michael, though without mentioning Michael by name and how it caused Kipling to realize that he wanted everything.

The next day, Sam arrived and Kipling made a big production of introducing "the great Sam Winchester" to the other demons as Sam was searched for weapons. Sam ignored Kipling's grandstanding to check on Castiel who Kipling assured him was alright as "I don't damage the merchandise" which Castiel confirmed. Kipling introduced himself then had his demons bring in a captive Jack and Maggie as proof that Sam didn't come alone as he had requested.

Kipling revealed that he wanted to make a deal with a surprised Sam. Kipling told Sam that Hell was "in a bit of a pickle" with the deaths of Crowley and Asmodeus which left Hell with no leader "for the first time in a very long time." Kipling confirmed Sam's suspicion that Kipling wanted to be the next King of Hell and explained that he wanted to work with Sam instead of against him. Kipling claimed that he took Castiel hostage instead of killing him to show Sam and his friends that Kipling could hurt them, but instead chose not to. Kipling asked for "the Crowley deal" where Kipling would give Sam information and "a spot of help" sometimes and Sam would in return turn a blind eye to crossroads deals and demon-on-demon violence. After Sam retaliated that they never gave Crowley that deal, Kipling simply responded that he would be breaking new ground.

However, Sam recognized that while Kipling had some good lines, he was no Crowley which both Sam and the other demons knew. Kipling finally dropped the act and admitted that he was just putting on a show and would rather eat Sam's heart, but he had an image to maintain and wasn't afraid of Sam unlike the other demons. Kipling demanded that Sam accept the deal before he stopped trying to be Crowley and showed Sam who he really was, but Sam refused, even after Kipling claimed to know all sort of things that Sam would want to know.

As Sam and Kipling talked, Bobby Singer and Mary Winchester burst in as backup with Mary tossing Sam the demon-killing knife. As the other hunters battled the other demons, Kipling confronted Sam and flung him into a table with telekinesis. Kipling attacked Sam, grappling with Sam and overpowering him despite Sam's best efforts. Kipling finally disarmed Sam of the knife and apparently knocked the hunter unconscious. As Kipling examined the knife as he prepared to stab Sam, Sam suddenly sat up, grabbed Kipling's arm and shoved the knife into his chest, killing Kipling.

With Kipling dead, Sam loudly ordered the other demons to stop. Sam proclaimed that there would be no new King of Hell ever again and anybody wanting the job would have to go through him. Terrified by their leader's death and Sam's proclamation, the remaining demons fled their vessels in their smoke forms in acquiescence to Sam's demands.


I know that I'm not that poncy son of a bitch. You see in life I rode with Genghis Khan and I burned half the world. So please! Do you think that I like prancing around like this?! Please. If I had my way I would eat your heart. But a king has an image to maintain and I'm not afraid of you. But they are. So take the deal Sam before I stop trying to be Crowley and I show you who I really am. So what do you say, darling?
— Kipling momentarily shows his true self to Sam Winchester.
in Stranger in a Strange Land

Kipling was a very cruel and sadistic demon who enjoyed causing chaos and destruction even as a human to the point that Kipling boasted of having "burned half the world" while serving under Genghis Khan. Kipling's own comments suggested that he not only enjoyed murdering humans, but eating them as well as he spoke of eating infants and wanting to eat Sam Winchester's heart. As a demon, he enjoyed causing chaos and destruction, but before his meeting with Michael, simply did it for the sake of chaos and destruction rather than any directed purpose.

In his bid to become the new King of Hell, Kipling put on an act where tried to make a deal with Sam similar to the arrangement that he believed Crowley to have had with the Winchesters, but expressed disgust at the act when he briefly dropped it. Kipling was arrogant and overconfident and claimed that if he wished to, he could easily kill Sam and his friends and chose not to in order to make a point. Despite this, Kipling was extremely intelligent to the point that he wisely brought secret backup to meet with the Seraphim Castiel who was powerful enough to destroy Kipling one on one.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kipling was a moderately powerful black-eyed demon.

  • Demonic Possession - As a demon, he required a vessel to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - As a demon, he was immortal unless killed. Kipling stated that he was over 600 years old.
  • Invulnerability - As a demon, he was invulnerable to all forms of conventional harm.
  • Telekinesis - With a hand gesture, Kipling was able to throw Sam across a room.
  • Super Strength - As a demon, he was stronger than most humans. In a fight, Kipling was easily able to overpower Sam Winchester, a human with remarkable strength who has been seen to overpower some demons.
  • Proficient Hand-to-Hand Combatant - In combat with Sam, Kipling proved to be a capable hand-to-hand fighter, as he was able to easily counter most of Sam's moves and quickly gain the upper hand despite Sam wielding the demon-killing knife, only being beaten after being caught by surprise.


Kipling possessed all of the regular weaknesses of a demon.