King of the Damned is the 21st episode of Season 9. It aired on May 6th, 2014.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Castiel captures one of Metatron's angels (guest star Gordon Woolvet) and asks Sam and Dean for help with the interrogation. Dean eagerly accepts, which doesn't go unnoticed by Sam. Meanwhile, Abaddon (guest star Alaina Huffman) demands Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) help her kill Sam and Dean. When he refuses, she reveals her shocking bargaining chip. Also, Castiel sets a meeting with Gadreel (guest star Tahmoh Penikett).


In 1723, a young Gavin MacLeod is busy preparing for his trip to the colonies when Abaddon comes back in time and teleports him to 2014.

Meanwhile, in an angel bar, one of Metatron's followers, Ezra, is discovered by Cass's followers who kidnap him. At the same time, Sam and Dean arrive at the rebel's headquarters where Castiel updates them on the hostage situation. After deceiving the hostage, Sam and Dean find out that there is no Gate to heaven but rather an invisible portal which can only be seen by Metatron's followers if he wished them to.

Soon after they leave the room, Castiel informs the Winchesters that the hostage has been killed, probably by a spy installed by Metatron. After Dean leaves the room, Sam and Castiel have a talk about Gadreel who never harmed Sam in any way. 

Meanwhile, Crowley meets with Abaddon who coerces him to trick the Winchesters into coming to the room. When Crowley refuses, Abaddon inflicts pain onto Gavin, finally forcing Crowley to accept.

Gavin doesn't believe Crowley to be his father as he says his father is dead but is shocked to hear that he actually is his father and that he was taken into the future.

Crowley and his son then have a heart-to-heart talk after the latter tells Gavin about how he sold his soul, possessed someone and became King of Hell. Gavin is astonished at this before he angrily yells at his father for his past abuse which made him miss out on this, to remedy this Crowley grants the ability to read. Realizing the benefits his father's status can bring, Gavin revels in being the prince though requests to be sent back to his time but Crowley is aware of the consequences that will bring.

Later, Crowley calls Dean and tells him that he has hidden the First Blade in a dead body and has found Abaddon. After an encounter with a hellhound which Crowley calls off, Crowley tells them where to find them, but subtly warns Dean its a trap with the word "Poughkeepsie," the word Dean had previously told him was code for "drop everything and run." Dean and Sam hurry to the hotel but Dean distracts Sam by telling him to check the basement. 

At the same time, Castiel arranges a meeting with Gadreel telling him that Metatron is deceiving him. Their meeting is soon compromised by Metatron's angels ambushing Castiel. However, Cass and Gadreel hold them off. Gadreel then tells Castiel that he has nothing to do with the ambush. Castiel asks Gadreel to do what's right and be an inside man for him in Metatron's army.

Dean, meanwhile reaches the hotel room and is stopped by Abaddon. The two engage in battle, but while Abaddon initially has the upper hand, the Mark of Cain grants Dean immunity to her powers and telekinesis, allowing him to turn the tide. Before Abaddon can react, Dean stabs Abaddon in the stomach with the First Blade, killing her in a massive burst of red light. Meanwhile, Sam, who realizes Dean's trick comes to the room in time to see Dean kill Abaddon and then violently mutilating her corpse. 

Later, Crowley, who was shot with a bullet with the Devil's trap imprinted on it is saved by the Winchesters who let him live. They then tell him that Gavin has to go back to his timeline in order to not create a ripple effect. Crowley reluctantly agrees and goes to say goodbye but quickly closes the doors and takes Gavin to an unknown park where he tells him that Gavin's ship is going to go down, killing him. Crowley then instructs his sulking son to start a new life in the future now that he has the chance. Gavin tries to hug Crowley but the latter awkwardly backs away from him.

On the ride back to the bunker, Sam suggests that Dean should keep the First Blade away from him but Dean declines the offer, saying that the blade helps him keep calm.


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  • As of this episode, Abaddon has finally been killed.
  • We see a glimpse of humanity in Crowley because of the human blood.
  • Crowley meets his son Gavin again. Previously, Gavin appeared in the Season 6 episode Weekend at Bobby's, which revealed the two's mutual dislike.
  • Crowley uses "Poughkeepsie" to warn Dean that it's a trap. Dean told him this means "Drop everything and run" in Road Trip to use to convince Sam of the truth.
  • The brothers warn Crowley to no avail that the tiniest thing done to alter the past can change everything in the future/present. They discovered this themselves in My Heart Will Go On.
  • According to Castiel, Malachi has been killed by Gadreel. Malachi was the other major faction leader from Holy Terror.
  • Crowley's Phone number is 666, and oddly enough, his phone doesn't display the normal electronic interference, suggesting demons can control that.


  • Dean's response to the First Blade in addition to the Mark of Cain is a direct parallel to Sam's increased strength after Demon's Blood in past seasons. Including the sound of Dean's increased heartbeat which happened to Sam as well showing their drastically augmented degrees in strength.
  • The CW's official summary for this episode mistakenly cites Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean respectively twice.

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  • The Temporary Thing - You, Me and a Bottle of Whiskey
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K. 300i: III. Rondo Alla Turca - Allegretto


  • Castiel: They had no leader and they insisted on following me.
  • Dean: We get it; you're a rock star.

  • Crowley: [to the demons] You betrayed me! No one in the history of torture has been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with!
  • Abaddon: Relax everyone. You did the new Queen a solid. You're sitting at the popular kids' table.

  • Gavin: [looking at a light bulb] Can you cook a pigeon on it?
  • Abaddon: Not terribly quick, is he?

  • Gavin: Holy Mother of God, we're amongst the stars! Are we in Heaven? You must be angels.
  • Crowley and Abaddon: Wow.
  • Gavin: You sold your soul? Sold it? For an extra three inches of willy?

  • Sam: Oh, come on Crowley. Really? You have to hide the Blade in a corpse? Not with the corpse, but in the corpse?
  • Dean: Well, I gotta say, it's not the first place I'd look.

  • Abaddon: So first, you'll die, painfully. And then Crowley will watch his son die, ditto. And then the King himself and Blade destroyed. That's quite a to do list.

  • Crowley: I'll cheer the day when the last bit of humanity leaves me... [gritting his teeth] - Feelings!

  • Gavin: I don't know the first thing about the 21st century!
  • Crowley: You'll be fine. Just avoid cheap whiskey and cheap hookers... Look at me getting all fatherly.

  • Dean: First time I touched that blade, I knew I wouldn't be stopped. I knew I would take down Abaddon and anything else if I had to. It wasn't a hero thing, it wasn't... It was just calm. I knew I had to go it alone, Sammy.


Supernatural 9x21 Promo ''King of the Damned'' (HD) S09E21 Promo Season 9 Episode 21 PROMO

Supernatural 9x21 Promo ''King of the Damned'' (HD) S09E21 Promo Season 9 Episode 21 PROMO


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