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King Solomon was an Israelite king who created the grimoire called the Key of Solomon. He was also the Queen of Sheba's husband.


Presumably, after becoming a King of Israel, he created the Key of Solomon.

At some point, during his reign, he learned about the existence of the Queen of Sheba and her existence as Nephilim. He later crafted a spell to track her and succeeded in his endeavor. At an unknown time later, he married the Queen of Sheba.

At some point, King Solomon created the Seal of Solomon out of what was presumably a meteorite. According to lore, King Solomon ordered his priests to "bind my seal" but they couldn't as "the jewel was of the cosmos."

Following his death, King Solomon's treasure, including the Seal of Solomon, was buried in Israel. The treasure was eventually found by the Men of Letters in 1917, dug up and taken to their Portsmouth, Rhode Island chapter house.

Power and Abilities[]

As the most powerful king in history and renowned for his vast knowledge and wisdom, he possessed many abilities.

  • Supernatural Awareness - He was aware of and had a vast amount of worldly and supernatural knowledge. He created the grimoire Key of Solomon, named to be one of the most famous and important grimoires of all time.
  • Magic - With this ability, he was able to craft very potent magic, including a unique tracking spell for locating Nephilim.
  • Multilingualism - Despite his Israelite origin, he also knew at least some Old Canaanite, and used it to craft a spell.



Supernatural's depiction of King Solomon is likely based on the Jewish source. In Jewish Talmudic legend and lore, King Solomon is depicted as a well-learned scholar with full of wisdom and a magic practitioner.

He is often depicted in Christian, Muslim, and Jewish traditions as a very powerful king who possesses a vast amount of wealth and wisdom. In some texts, it has been mentioned that he can control any creation, from human to spirits, including genies and demons. He also crafted the ring of Solomon to that end, and it was sometimes stated that he had the aid of the Demon Asmodeus or the Demon Asmodeus usurped his throne as King for a time, absconding it to throw the Ring of Solomon into the sea.

Romantic tales between him and Queen of Sheba often become subjects in many cultures. The tale of her visit to King Solomon has undergone extensive Jewish, Islamic, and Ethiopian elaborations, and has become the subject of one of the most widespread and fertile cycles of legends in the Eastern (Old) World.

In lore, eventually, Queen of Sheba married King Solomon and had children, resulting in many descendants that eventually became rulers in old countries Saba and Himyar (present-day Yemen).


  • He is the only known human that became the spouse of a Nephilim.