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Let me make this easy – tell me where Castiel is, or your brother's gonna wish he were dead.

This unnamed angel was expelled from Heaven and sought to find Castiel to get revenge.


After Dean Winchester prays for help with his brother Sam's condition following the Fall of the Angels, this angel headed for Linwood Memorial Hospital, still without a vessel. Her arrival caused the hospital to shake and several windows to break as she searched for a vessel and Dean put angel warding on Sam's room. The angel eventually found a vessel in hospital grief councilor Kim Schortz.

After possessing Kim, the angel was helped up off the ground by Dean who didn't realize that Kim was possessed. As Dean faced off with the Farmer Angel, both armed with angel blades, the angel possessing Kim disarmed Dean and lifted him into the air with one hand. The two angels beat on Dean and then dragged him outside of Sam's room where the angel threatened that Sam was going to wish he were dead if Dean didn't tell her where to find Castiel. Dean wished the angel luck with getting past the angel warding he had put up on the room and in response, the Farmer Angel grabbed a fire axe to break down the room door. The other angel assured Dean that they would get in and when they did, she would strip off all of Sam's skin while Dean watched. After Dean told the angel to "bite me", she punched him in the face, knocking Dean to the ground. Dean simply taunted her that "you hit like an angel", causing her to attack him again.

As the Farmer Angel began breaking down the room door with a fire axe, a beaten and bloody Dean agreed to tell the angels where to find Castiel if they would answer just one question for him. The female angel commanded Dean to ask and he asked the angels "if Heaven is locked, then where do you go when I do this?" Dean then revealed an angel banishing sigil he drew on the floor using the blood from his injuries and activated it before the two angels could react. With a scream, the angels were banished from the hospital to an unknown destination.

Powers and Abilities[]

The angel possessing Kim appeared to be a regular angel with the abilities of such: